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The Apple Watch Is Poised to Wipe Out Fitness Trackers

12 September 2014 — Mashable

Although many believe the Apple Watch (iWatch) will hurt the wristband fitness tracker category, Julian Highley, Global Director Cutomer Knowledge at dunnhumby, believes there is still a place for the devices in the market. 

Understanding consumers in a multi-channel world

8 September 2014 — Research

The evolving behaviour set of customers in the world of multi-channel retailing is well documented and not always easy to follow. It's easy to conflate the rapidly changing technology with analysis of those behaviours - while they are linked, they can and should also be thought of as apart. Let's focus on the behaviour side. Jason Nathan, Global Multi-Channel Capability Director, writes for Research. 

Dunnhumby and Sandtable agree joint venture to help brands understand customers

22 August 2014 — Retail Times

dunnhumby, the leading customer science company, has taken a 50% stake in agent-based modelling (ABM) pioneers Sandtable to develop new ways of understanding customer behaviour.

Industry Views: One Third Of Users Don’t Download Apps – Have We Lost Our App-etite?

22 August 2014 — MEF Minute

Have we lost our Appp-etite? According to a recent report from Deloitte, smartphone owners' appetite for new apps is declining with almost one third of respondents not downloading a signgle app in a typical month. Nishat Mehta, EVP of Global Partnerships, provides comment. 


It’s personal: how technology will change the way we shop

21 August 2014 — The Guardian

From internet-connected coffee cups that can personalise your drink to 3D-printed pants in the style of your choice, tech is changing the way retailers interact with us. A look at the future of technology in the retail environment with Global Multichannel Capability Director, Jason Nathan. 


dunnhumbyUSA Readies for Cincinnati HQ Move

21 August 2014 — Daily Research News Online

In the first quarter of 2015, dunnhumbyUSA will make the move to its new corporate headquarters in Cincinnati once construction of the 280,000-square-foot building at the corner of Fifth and Race streets is complete. 


dunnhumby Centre ‘tops out’ in downtown Cincinnati: PHOTOS

20 August 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

dunnhumbyUSA CEO Stuart Aitken makes the final concrete pour at the company's new headquarters building in downtown Cincinnati. 


Marketing Must Get Human

20 August 2014 — AdExchanger

Matthew Keylock, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Data, explains how marketers' approach to segmenting consumers needs a refresh. The future of personalization will enable businesses to know consumers in richer, more complete ways, providing the opportunity to bridge between people and the products and services they need. 


Sensible Youth: Do We Need A New Marketing Strategy?

18 August 2014 — The Marketer

Julian Highley, Global Capability Director, shares his thoughts on how brands can play their part in encouraging young people to make healthier food choices. The Marketer's latest guide: Marketing to Millennials. 


Amazon's commercial conflict could hinder its payments play

15 August 2014 — RetailWeek

Jason Nathan, Global Capability Director, explores Amazon's commercial challenge and how/why their vision of the payment norm, near field communication (NFC), hasn't taken off. 

Tesco Clubcard operator dunnhumby in predictive data venture

15 August 2014 — The Grocer

dunnhumby has taken a 50% stake in Sandtable, a data science company that provides insights about human behaviour, what drives it, and the best way to influence it. 

KSS Retail Introduces New Automation Solution to Enable Real-Time Price Optimization

14 August 2014 — KSS Retail

KSS Retail, from dunnhumby, unveiled a major update to its industry-leading PriceStrat® price and promotion optimization solution for merchandising and category management teams. PriceStrat version 5.4 boasts new automation capabilities and advancements in efficiency and flexibility, enabling omnichannel retailers to conduct faster "what if" planning, and more effectively use price and promotions as a compelling advance in the race to win shopper loyalty.


Taking a Customer Science Approach to Loyalty

8 August 2014 — Meet the Boss TV

The customer-brand relationship is changing. Mobile devices, social media, ubiquitous connectivity: all are rapidly altering the way in which consumers engage with retailers and other brands, and changing the dynamic of power between the two. Meet The Boss visits Dave Balter and David Ciancio in the Boston and London office to find out how the retail world has changed. 


The 2014 AMA Gold Global Top 25 Report

6 August 2014 — AMA Marketing News

dunnhumby ranks eighth in the annual American Marketing Association's Gold Global 25 Report. The report was launched nearly two decades ago to track the revenue growth and organizational size of the world's largest market research firms. 

Retailers Are Transforming Marketing and Brands Must Adapt

5 August 2014 — Advertising Age

Retailers have a unique advantage with their ability to target and measure media. Recent marketing industry announcements like Amazon's self-serving media buying tool and Walmart's entrance into the media buying world, are showing how retailers are transforming the market. Allen Mason, Senior Vice President, Communications & Media writes for Ad Age. 

Loyalty Killers: Information

1 August 2014 — Loyalty360

Naomi Kasolowsky, Global Capability Director for Loyalty, writes about one of the top five Loyalty Killers: Failing to provide the right information at the right time. "Poor or insufficient information consistently ranks at the top of customers' pain points at all stages in the customer experience. Customers are crying out for better information; lack of it is often the reason for a product being picked up and put back on the shelf." 


Courting interns to come to Cincinnati

31 July 2014 — The Cincinnati Enquirer

Elizabeth Roberts is a senior honor student at the University of Alabam who is spending her second summer in Cincinnati as an intern at dunnhumbyUSA.


Retailers: Don't Give Up Control of Your Data

29 July 2014 — Advertising Age

dunnhumby and Walmart prove retailers can become publishers and agencies. dunnhumby's acquisition of Sociomantic has enabled dunnhumby and partner retailers to keep all of its data inhouse, and sell, rather than buy. 

Homeownership Dream Falters, Xavier Study Shows

28 July 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

Americans' view of home ownership fell by more than 1 percentage point in July, one of the bigger drops in the 35 categories that make up Xavier University's American Dream Composite Index, powered by dunnhumby. 


Does Online Advertising Actually Work?

28 July 2014 — AdExchanger

Tim Gough, Vice President, Media Solutions address the inevitable question - how is online advertising working for advertisers? There are many factors in deciding whether Internet advertising works. With more marketing dollars funneling into digital advertising, we are absolutely right to question the extent to which it does. 


The Battle For Programmatic Transparency

28 July 2014 — MediaPost RTB Insider

Over the past devade, we have seen the disruption of many commercial models, often credited to the Internet, but more accurately due to the freer flow of information. Nishat Mehta, Executive Vice President, Global Partners, explains that business models dependent on opacity are inherently unstable, as at least one party in the transaction, typically the customer, is left unsatisfied. 

Cincinnati's Largest Market Research Firms, 2014

11 July 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

The Cincinnati Business Courier ranks Cincinnati's Largest Market Research Firms, dunnhumbyUSA ranks number one. 

dunnhumby aims for vanilla in preparation for full Oracle cloud rollout

8 July 2014 — Diginomica

Andrew Hamilton, Global Head of Strategic Planning, explains dunnhumby's decision to invest in a number of Oracle's cloud-based Fusion applications. Two main areas of benefit for dunnhumby through the use of Oracle's cloud, will be efficiency savings through automation, as well as the ability to boost mobile working capabilities.  


Customer Science: dunnhumby CEO Simon Hay on the Importance of Data in Online Advertising

7 July 2014 — City A.M.

Chief Executive, Simon Hay, talks about the importance of data and how dunnhumby is stepping on the toes of both media agencies and management consultancies. 

dunnhumby India, The World’s Leading Customer Science Company Recognised As India’s Best Professional Services Companies To Work For 2014

1 July 2014 — EFY Times

A study by The Great Place to Work Institute, in partnership with the Economic Times, has named dunnhumby one of India's Best Companies to Work for 2014. The announcement came at the annual awards ceremony in Mumbai which felicitated the Top 100 organisations and Special Categories. dunnhumby has been recognised as one of the Top 5 Professional Services company to work for in India. 


Android TV: Google brings its ad business to the big screen

1 July 2014 — Connected Customer from MediaTel

For so long, we have been trained to not expect much from our TV's on-screen guide, writes Nishat Mehta, Vice President Global Partnerships. Can the launch of Google's Android TV change all that? The release of Android TV is both a response to a potential risk of losing opportunities in the living room, as well as a massive opportunity to learn more about its customers that can be used to deliver greater relevance. 

Don't Be Last In Programmatic

23 June 2014 — AdExchanger

What do digital marketers need to do? Keep working to the goal where performance and insights trump all other noise. Are you going to be the marketer who plays it safe and waits until everyone else is doing it? The tough choices are coming to your next budget marketing meeting. Prepare by reading VP of Digial Advertising & Global Partnerships, Lung Huang's, column for AdExchanger and 'don't be last in programmatic!'

Frequency of shopping trips increases 18% in five years, as dunnhumby finds fewer people make one large weekly shop

17 June 2014 — The Drum

The number of shopping trips people make has increased 18 % over the past five years as people move away from doing one big ‘weekly shop’ and opt instead to regularly make small basket purchases. 

The 2014 AMA Gold Top 50 Report

6 June 2014 — American Marketing Association

dunnhumbyUSA ranks #15 in the American Marketing Association's Gold Top 50 Report. 

How to innovate in marketing

4 June 2014 — Marketing Week

We conducted a recent study which found that approximately 70% of respondents are worried about new product development and business growth. dunnhumby Head of Brand, Dylan Slaney, points out that risks come with innovation - they're unavoidable. "In a climate where consumers constantly expect more for less, innovating is a necessity just to maintain share. The key is to innovate in a way that adds incremental value to your business and your cateory - this is the greatest challenge." 

Business leaders lack innovation insight

4 June 2014 — Research

Despite innovation being the backbone of business growth, a lack of quality advice is fuelling a fear of failure among business leaders and marketers according to a dunnhumby study.

What do Apple's WWDC revelations signify? - Starcom MediaVest, Carat, DigitasLBi and more discuss

3 June 2014 — The Drum

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in early June, prompted the technology brand to make a number of announcements including the launching of iOS8, taking on Dropbox, and the creation of a HealthKit. The Drum caught up with Nishat Mehta, EVP of Global Partnerships, to hear his take on what these announcements mean for the industry. Speaking on consolidated healthcare Mehta stated, "Over time, I think we will see the generation of more consumer-owned data so all advertisers wil have to deliver more value to share that data." 

Loyalty Killers: De-list Dramas

1 June 2014 — Loyalty360

In her first two articles in the Loyalty Killers series, Naomi Kasolowsky, Global Capability Director for Loyalty, covered PDD and needless barriers. Now she tackles the third in her series on the failures large and small that contribute to the death of customer loyalty. 

dunnhumby unveils world’s first in-depth study to show the rise of convenience as a global consumer shopping shift

31 May 2014

Significant increase in frequent, smaller shopping trips can be seen around the world giving the greatest rewards to retailers with a strong multi-format offer

Here's how dunnhumby's new HQ is taking shape

30 May 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

Dave Palm, SVP of Operations, sits down with Anastasia Mileham of 3CDC to discuss the new dunnhumbyUSA headquarters in Cincinnati. The construction space is scheduled to be completed in early 2015. 

dunnhumby partners with Xavier on American Dream Index

29 May 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

dunnhumby has signed on as a partner in a three-year-old Xavier University index that measures the American Dream. dunnhumby is collecting the data that goes into compiling the monthly index. 

Do You Really Need A Chief Data Officer?

27 May 2014 — AdExchanger

Global Head of Data at dunnhumby, Matt Keylock, makes the case for a Chief Data Officer. "If data is done right, data drives insights, enables smart strategies, and drives aligned executions based on a deeper understanding of your customer." The CDO can be the best person to help manage the major shifts in the big data era. 


22 May 2014 — Colloquy Loyalty Talks

Mark Wilmot, Senior Vice President and US Head of Communications and Media, talks to Colloquy on how retailers can choose and use the mose effective loyalty incentives. Wilmot explains dunnhumbyUSA's partnership with the Kroger Co. which includes household-specific promotions resulting in more than 60% customer participation. 

Selling to the New 50+ Market

14 May 2014 — WVXU

Cara Pratt, Vice President of Manufacturer Practice of dunnhumbyUSA, discusses how companies can reach consumers aged 50+ and tap into the growing power of an aging baby boom generation. 

Media360: Sky IQ and dunnhumby announce ad partnership

12 May 2014 — Campaign

Sky IQ, the viewing intelligence arms of BSkyB, and dunnhumby are bringing together their data to offer better targeting and accountability. 

Purposeful Loyalty: Customers Are Driving and Data is the Fuel

2 May 2014 — American Marketing Association: Marketing Insights

Milen Mahadevan, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions of dunnhumby, explains how many companies are collecting shopper data and not doing anything with it that benefits the customer. Businesses of all sizes and verticals can get their arms around co-created loyalty with the right steps. 

Loyalty & Beyond

30 April 2014 — Retail Leader

Consumers will accept giving up some privacy, if they see a clear benefit, says Oliver Harrison, loyalty solutions director of dunnhumbyUSA, "companies that demonstrate a clear and transparent use of how the data being collected benefits the customer, will stand to gain."

Retailers Are From Mars, Brands Are From Venus

22 April 2014 — AdExchanger

Focusing on the customer first and doing what is best for them has become the new norm for retail marketing strategies. Justin Petty, VP of Media & Partnerships, explains that when retailers work with brands, sharing insights from the data and enabling targeted brand communications, both parties win. 

Tesco puts better online ad-targeting top of mind

17 April 2014 — Campaign

Tesco's data division, dunnhumby, aims to make digital advertising more personalised. Campaign editor, David Benady, sits down with Chief Executive Simon Hay.

dunnhumby Acquires Sociomantic to Revolutionise Digital Advertising

3 April 2014

New Solutions to Provide Unprecedented Levels of Relevance for More Than a Billion Consumers Worldwide

LONDON – dunnhumby Ltd., the world’s leading customer science company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesco PLC, today announced the acquisition of Sociomantic Labs GmbH, the Berlin-based global advertising technology firm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

dunnhumby Acquires Sociomantic to Revolutionise Digital Advertising

3 April 2014

New Solutions to Provide Unprecedented Levels of Relevance for More Than a Billion Consumers Worldwide

LONDON – dunnhumby Ltd., the world’s leading customer science company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Tesco PLC, today announced the acquisition of Sociomantic Labs GmbH, the Berlin-based global advertising technology firm. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

My Customer, My Friend

25 March 2014 — AdExchanger

Nishat Mehta, Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships, expalins that tactics retailers pursue to reward customer are only valuable if they support the overarching belief that the best relationships — personal, professional or corporate — depend upon loyalty, sharing and trust.

dunnhumby expands office space in Gurgaon

24 March 2014 — India Info Line

dunnhumby, has expanded its existing India headquarters at Gurgaon. It has added a new floor at Paras Twin Towers in Sector 54 with an area of 7,000 sq ft and a seating capacity of 70 people.

Retail Analytics Firm, dunnhumby, Hosted Its First Hackathon In India

24 March 2014 — EFY Times

dunnhumby, the world’s leading customer-science company, hosted its first Hackathon in India for students and professionals passionate about data. The mission at hand was to help a failing retail business identify ways to transform into a profitable venture by leveraging the power of data. 

Leverage Shopper Data For Successful New Product Development

21 March 2014 — Private Label Store Brands

Anna Saffer, Director, Manufacturer Practice New Product Development, explains how retailers leverage shopper data to help their store brand new product development efforts. This will allows retailers to find distinct opportunities that engage their unique shopper base instead of trying to be a “me too” to national brand products.

10 Highest Rated CEOs in the UK (2014)

20 March 2014 — Glassdoor

dunnhumby CEO, Simon Hay, was ranked ninth in Glassdoor's inagural list of the 10 Highest Ranked CEOs in the UK.

Base strategy on ‘candy champions’ for big sales gains: NCA and DunnhumbyUSA

20 March 2014 — Confectionary News

Confectioners should focus on the hard-core candy consumers that make up the bulk of sales, according to the National Confectioners’ Association (NCA) and DunnhumbyUSA.

Raley's Family of Fine Stores Earns Three Platinums at Loyalty360 Awards

17 March 2014 — Loyalty 360

Bryan Baecker, Director of Loyalty and Marketing at dunnhumbyUSA has worked onsite at Raley's Family of Fine Stores for the past three years. This has afforded him the inside view of Raley's Something Extra customer loyalty program that garnered three platinum honors at the inagural Loyalty360 Awards held during the 7th Annual Loayalty Expo. Baecker said Raley's commitment to a customer-first strategy is the over-arching reason for the loyalty program's success. 

100 Best Companies To Work For

4 March 2014 — The Sunday Times

dunnhumby jumped up 8 spots to place #52 in The Sunday Times' annual "Best Companies To Work For" ranking. This list is entirely based on employee opinions. 

dunnhumby Centre, by the numbers

28 February 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

The new 280,000 sq. ft dunnhumbyUSA headquarters in Downtown Cincinnati is making significant progress. Take a look at the construction site and explore all that goes into the project. 

15 People Shaping Boston's Tech Scene

26 February 2014 — Mashable

Dave Balter, Global Head of Investments at dunnhumby, is featured as one of the Top 15 influencers of the Boston start-up scene. 

IQ Big Data 50

26 February 2014 — DataIQ

Simon Hay, CEO of dunnhumby, ranks 8 in the IQ Big Data 50. The bigdata50 is a list of the most influential and important people in data for 2014. 

Top Trends: Bold, Basic, Better For You

18 February 2014 — Retail Leader

dunnhumby uses customer data to conduct an annual forecast that predicts the five consumer food preference trends for 2014. 

Oracle Exadata Case Study: When Bigger Helps You Go Granular - A Data Story

13 February 2014 — Database Trends And Applications

Chief Information Officer, Yael Cosset, explains how dunnhumby uses Oracle Exadata for "real-time" analysis. 

Loyalty Killers: PDD

12 February 2014 — Loyalty360

Naomi Kasolowsky, Global Capability Director for Loyalty, begins a Loyalty360 series identifying loyalty killers and exploring ways retailers can annihilate them.

Be Mine: Data-Driven Valentine’s Day Wishes

6 February 2014 — AdExchanger

VP of Digital Advertising & Global Partnerships, Lung Huang writes on the benefits of data-driven marketing and how advertising needs to be strong in both effectiveness and value. 

dunnhumby Honored For Community Service

5 February 2014 — The Cincinnati Enquirer

DunnhumbyUSA received the Medical Mutual Pillar Award for Community Service. The Pillar Award honors businesses of all types and sizes in the for-profit and non-profit sectors that make significant contributions to the community. 

dunnhumby Chosen By Shoprite As Customer Science Partner

3 February 2014

Multi-year deal to drive customer engagement for the largest food retailer in Africa

How India Could Change Retail Marketing As We Know It

27 January 2014 — Forbes

Global CEO, Simon Hay, explores how India's revolution into the digital age will transform the retail market around the world. 

10 Commercial Projects Worth Watching in 2014

22 January 2014 — The Cincinnati Enquirer

The dunnhumby Centre, dunnhumbyUSA's new national headquarters, is featured as one of the region's top commercial developments for 2014. 

NRF Review Exclusive

16 January 2014 — Essential Retail

Emmanuel Dechelette, general manager of Dunnhumby France revealed that its analytics engine - using customer segmentation - enabled Monoprix to debunk some serious myths.

New Ways For Turning Data Into Dollars Now

15 January 2014 — Forbes

The supermarket group Tesco uses a data ecosystem to monetize data from its loyalty program, the Tesco ClubCard, through its customer science subsidiary, dunnhumby. dunnhumby provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers with an analytics platform which they can use to query anonymized retail transaction data, understand category dynamics and develop targeting strategies.  

Personalized Customer Contact Plan Helps Lift France's Monoprix

15 January 2014 — Loyalty 360

Since 2009, Monoprix has worked with dunnhumby to put the customer at the center of every business decision. This includes specific programs to better understand customers and to serve their wants and needs across Monoprix’s portfolio of 500 stores. 

Retailers Still Wrestling With Omnichannel Strategies, CIO Says

14 January 2014 — Wall Street Journal

Yael Cosset, CIO of retail analytics specialist dunnhumby Ltd., said another challenge is that traditional retail CIOs are accustomed to supporting brick-and-mortar stores, which have finite floor space. But growth in digital and mobile technologies is forcing CIOs to change that mindset, and broaden their capabilities to support online sales. “In a digital world, the capacity you need to support is virtually limitless” and subject to ebbs and flows, Mr. Cosset said. “One day, you may get 100 visitors to your smartphone app, the next day you get 10,000.”

Marketing at Metro: From Insights to Action

13 January 2014 — Supermarket News

At Metro, taking care of customers is a process that involves the entire organization. VP and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Giroux, oversees the company’s joint venture with Dunnhumby, and leverages the insights of that consulting and marketing services firm to influence everything from product selection and custom-tailored marketing offers to in-store operations.

Monoprix and dunnhumby Present Results of Customer Centricity Partnership at National Retail Federation’s BIG Show

12 January 2014

Monoprix CEO Stéphane Maquaire On Stage in New York City

NEW YORK - Monoprix, one of France's leading retailers, today presented the outcomes of its extended efforts to be more customer-centric. Monoprix CEO Stéphane Maquaire shared the results of the company's five-year partnership with dunnhumby, the world's leading customer science company, at the National Retail Federation's (NRF) BIG Show.

Monoprix and dunnhumby Present Results of Customer Centricity Partnership at National Retail Federation’s BIG Show

12 January 2014

Monoprix, one of France’s leading retailers, presented the outcomes of its extended efforts to be more customer-centric.

Understanding the Customer Psyche

7 January 2014 — Entrepreneur

Simon Hay, global CEO of dunnhumby, a customer science company owned by Tesco, talks about personalizing retail experiences and the changes in consumer patterns after the economic crisis

How Big Retail Can Use Big Data To Act Small

6 January 2014 — AdExchanger

Head of Global Media and Partnerships at dunnhumby, Justin Petty, authors on the benfits customers have when a big store uses data to create a more personalized shopping experience. 

FoodTech Connect: Food & Ag Investment Sources Explode in 2013

6 January 2014 — Green Soil

dunnhumby Ventures, continues to make investments annually and is recognized as an innovative leader as an agricultural and food business supporting the future of tech. 

Tesco IT Chief Banks on RFID, Analytics, and in-car shopping for Future Success

3 January 2014 — V3

“Dunnhumby serves not just Tesco but lots of retailers in the US and internationally. In that company and elsewhere in Tesco, we’re using Oracle Exadata amongst other things. We’ve just done a huge Exadata implementation in Dunnhumby. For the transactional systems within Tesco, and for the data warehousing applications in Dunnhumby, it allows us to mine the data more thoroughly.”

Here's a look at the progress on dunnhumby's new headquarters

2 January 2014 — Cincinnati Business Courier

Dunnhumby USA’s new downtown headquarters is expected to open in January 2015, but construction at the site has been progressing at a rapid pace.


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