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Connect and improve every interaction with your Customers

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Deliver sustainable revenue growth, long-term loyalty and Customer value

The accelerated adoption of digital channels and the impact of inflation have made it more challenging than ever to meet Customer expectations. However, by understanding behaviours and pain points and directing investment into personalised marketing and promotional strategies, retailers can protect margins and market share – while delivering exceptional Customer experiences. That’s why dunnhumby has developed both strategic consultancy and science-based propositions for ongoing activation.

Drive Customer loyalty

Delight, inspire and engage Customers

Customer Engagement enables you to deliver the right product or promotion to the right customer at the right moment across multiple channels, helping maximise revenue

Our customer engagement programs employ Customer data-led strategy with a clear plan for sustainable delivery, and create on average a 2% total sales uplift

Drive sustainable sales uplift

Our customer engagement programs employ Customer data-led strategy with a clear plan for sustainable delivery, and create on average a 2% total sales uplift

Build a Customer First strategy

Deliver increased Customer loyalty

A more robust understanding of your Customers and their needs, attitudes and behaviours will enable you to drive better business decisions and increase loyalty

Exceed Customer expectations with highly-valued personalisation

Personalised Offers

Deliver personalised, omnichannel offers to high-intent audiences to drive sales and loyalty.

Employing dunnhumby’s world-class data science capabilities within a self-service platform, Personalised Offers allows retailers and their brand partners to deliver measurable, multi-channel campaigns at scale, against a variety of targeting objectives. Our global retail partners have achieved a range of 1.7% - 3.2% total sales uplift with Personalised Offers. 

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Lifecycle Activation

Deliver the right impact to the right customer in the right moment to successfully deliver on your customer centric marketing strategy.

Rules-based and manual approaches to running CRM lifecycle campaigns can be tedious and error prone for your teams, and ultimately deliver sub-optimal results.

Using our Machine Learning-based predictive Lifecycle science, retailers are enabled to accurately target customers, optimise investment and realise speed-to-market, which ultimately delivers superior results: one grocery retailer realised a 47% higher campaign uplift using dunnhumby science vs rules-based targeting, keeping mechanics the same.

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Provide relevant product recommendations through multiple channels to deliver on Customer expectations of a seamless and personalised shopping experience.

The different Recommender propositions help to create a frictionless, inspiring and helpful experience for shoppers at every stage of their in-store or online journey, whilst driving incremental revenue & customer satisfaction for retailers. On average, six out of ten customers added extra products to their basket after seeing a personalised ‘Have you forgotten’? recommendation.

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Design the right strategy with the Customer at the center to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable results

Create a customer-centric, differentiated and future-fit loyalty strategy that satisfies both Customer needs and business objectives.

Ensure your loyalty strategy fuels a Customer-First company mindset, driving a functional and emotional connection with Customers.

A science-based approach to loyalty has also helped our clients realise an average of 20% retention of loyal Customers.

Create a clear strategy and plan for creating lifetime relationships with Customers and increase sales through personalised interactions based on behaviours that drive Customers to act.

Quantify which customer lifecycle groups have the highest revenue opportunity – enabling you to direct your efforts and investments confidently.

Accurately target customers with the right message and offers for their lifecycle stage, improving sales uplift with every campaign.

Undertake a high-level assessment to identify and prioritise the most impactful investments and opportunities.

Gain a clear view of your current state, uncovering critical performance gaps and quick wins, as well as delivering clarity on how to expand propositions beyond the functional.

Better alignment and traction on your current and planned customer engagement initiatives will help you make the right choices around where to invest and what to prioritise.

With Customer Engagement, our clients have achieved

programmes executed across 17+ markets

like-for-like total sales uplift

uplift in loyal Customer retention rates

customers receive dunnhumby Personalised Offers

Customer Stories

CRAI - growth in average incremental sales during CRM campaigns


Find out how understanding customers through data insights and personalised communications saw a 1% growth in like-for-like sales.

Nestlé an 11% sales uplift


Find out how directly connecting insight and media planning at household level gave Nestlé an 11% sales uplift.

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