Retailer Preference Index for Leadership in Personalization

By Vince Tirelli, Eric Karlson,
28 November '23

Amazon, H-E-B, and Kroger do personalization best.

Targeted Savings. Frictionless Experience. Localized Assortment. It is what drives personalization, and it is what Amazon, HEB, and Kroger do best. Customers feel like these grocery retailers are made for them and reward them with more loyalty ( i.e., a bigger share of their wallets).

Made for me. A deceptively simple-sounding goal. Yet for grocery retailers who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of Customers, loving each Customer the way each one wants to be loved requires navigating the complexities of personalizing each Customer journey. However, for those grocery retailers who are best-in-class at personalization, the rewards are great.

In this report, we prove that better personalization leads to more visits from each Customer, fuller shopping carts in each visit, and a stronger belief from the Customer that this grocery retailer is made just for me. We also reveal which grocery retailers are best-in-class at personalization, what personalization means to Customers, and which dimensions of personalization should be prioritized to capture more share of Customer wallet and a greater share of visits within a given geographic footprint.