Price & Promotions

Price & Promotions Strategy & Solution

Price & Promotions

Analyse, forecast and execute customer-oriented strategies to overcome competitive pricing threats


What is it

A modular framework of methodologies, tools and cutting-edge customer science, to help you process, understand, model and act upon all the market drivers influencing the shopper's behaviour around pricing and promotions. A retail solution ideal to assess and optimise cross-category pricing & promotions and achieve top-line sales growth of 1-3% and margin gains of 2-5%.

Model and forecast
promotional pricing
Define a multi-zone
and cross-channel
pricing architecture
Launch P&P
strategies with real
value for shoppers
Identify and mitigate
competitive pricing

What questions can it help you answer

How will customers react if I increase or decrease a product price? Will their price-value perception change?
How can I use historical pricing data to make faster and better decisions? What will the impact on sales and revenue be?
How do I stay competitive without over investing in margin? How can I achieve both retailer and manufacturer goals?

Key elements

This unique suite of operational software, processes, reports and consultancy services is available in six modules to suit different requirements:

1 Review and recommendations on current P&P capability (Strategy, Governance, Insight, Tools, Processes)
2 Promotions Analytics to help you understand historical performance and inform future promotional planning
3 Rules Based Pricing (RBP) to create logical pricing at shelf, as well as consistent and clear price policies for customers
4 Every Day Optimisation (EDO) to plan price changes, maximise prices, match competitors and send prices to ERP in real time
5 Promotions Forecasting to help you predict the impact of promotional decisions and their incremental value
6 Promo Planning Workflow to optimise media plans and ad exposure via modelling, process automation & forecasting

What results can you expect

Check some of the most inspiring achievements and testimonials from dunnhumby clients.

International grocer and wholesaler

$2B in retail sales. Optimising Price & Promotions strategies for 10 categories helped drive:

4.1% increase in GM$
+1.5% in sales and +.9% in units
$1M estimated financial benefits
"Using the dunnhumby PriceStrat tool, we now have the ability to model prices and promotions across customer segments, to make sure we deliver a superior shopping experience."
 CIO of large U.S. grocer

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