Enterprise Promotions Management

Price & Promotions
Price & Promotions

Enterprise Promotions Management

Co-create relevant promotions, increase loyalty and maximise profit


The most complete promotions management platform for retailers in the marketplace today. It combines dunnhumby's industry leading customer data science-driven forecasting with innovative workflow and vendor management to deliver improved customer engagement, increased loyalty and greater profits.

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Return on investment you can expect

Effective pricing & promotions strategies are the foundation for retailer success. Forecasting, scenario planning and data-driven decision-making help both retailer and vendor partners to achieve this goal.

profitability 3-5% increase
in profitability
vendor investment 3-5% increase
in vendor investment
auditing expenses Dramatic reduction
in auditing expenses

How it helps

This one-stop platform helps improve efficiencies at every stage of the promotions management process. The integrated workflow provides all the relevant information to plan, deliver and measure every promotion within retailer and vendor teams. The single platform supports:

Retailers – Category, Pricing, Marketing & Creative teams.
Vendors – Commercial, Marketing & Creative teams.
All communications within and between both parties – from planning through to implementation and analysis.

How it works

Cloud-based vendor portal

Negotiate better deals, increase vendor funding, and reduce audit fees. The portal allows vendor submission of new items, cost changes, and promotional deals with over 40 configurable billing rules to manage vendor funds.

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Bring order to your organization’s promotional process. Configure your process steps, assign owners, deadlines, and receive alert emails for overdue tasks to ensure actions are completed on time. Retailers can then focus more attention on achieving their strategic and financial goals of all their marketing activities.

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Promo forecasting

Forecast deals based on sales history and past promotional performance, evaluate proposed deals and model alternative scenarios to increase visibility into future performance. Identify cannibalization and halo cross-effects by item aggregate and segment.

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