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Personalized Supermarket Prices Could Become Norm

23 November 2013 — San Francisco Gate

Dunnhumby tracks more than 1 billion items purchased each week. Its software detects customers' buying patterns (times of visits, favored brands, types of items bought) to figure out what it calls the customer's DNA: whether the shopper has an infant, likes to cook from scratch, or is health or environmentally conscious.

Why Customer Loyalty Isn't A 10-Step Process

22 November 2013 — Retail Customer Experience

Naomi Kasolowsky, Global Capability Director, dunnhumby talks about a formulaic approach to customer loyalty. Many have tried, but you can’t develop a simple 10 step list for building loyalty. People are far too complex, and businesses are so unique and full of opportunities that it’s impossible to uniformly apply 10 steps that will work for everyone.

Big Data Without Your Own Data Is A Big Mess

21 November 2013 — AdExchanger

Global Head of Data, Matt Keylock writes for AdExchanger's "Data Driven Thinking," a series written by members of the media community containing fesh ideas on the digital revolution in media. 

What Retailers Don't Know About Price Optimization Is Killing Them

19 November 2013 — RIS News

When it comes to price optimization, many retailers are working with tools that are one step above pencil and paper in terms of scientific rigor. Whether it's dumping numbers into Excel or going down the impossible road of building a solidly crafted in-house solution that yields precise, science-driven outputs, big money is being left on the table due to the lack of scientifically sound methods. Profit Is bleeding from three key areas ...

dunnhumby Centre Construction At Grade

15 November 2013 — 3CDC

The dunnhumby Centre, the new development at the corner of Fifth and Race streets in downtown Cincinnati, received its first concrete pour at street level yesterday, reaching one of the key milestones in building construction. 

Big Retailer Is Watching You: Stores Seek To Match Online Savvy

15 November 2013 — Reuters

"Too much is happening without consumer consent," said Simon Hay, chief executive of dunnhumby, the customer science company owned by Tesco that is behind its loyalty card program. "You have to be transparent with data, tell people what you're doing with it and why and give them something in return."

Metro, dunnhumby Deliver Personalized Shopping Experience

13 November 2013 — Supermarket News

Metro’s partnership with Dunnhumby is helping the Canadian supermarket retailer provide an easier and more personalized shopping experience for its customers, according to the chain’s chief marketing officer.

Design Ok'd For Downtown's dunnhumby Centre

5 November 2013 —

The design of the new nine-story dunnhumby centre, under construction at Fifth and Race streets Downtown, was approved Monday by Cincinnati’s Urban Design Review Board, according to developer 3CDC. Shown is a rendering of the $125 million building, designed by Chicago-based Gensler and expected to be completed by January 2015.

Tesco Offers Up Personalised Ads Based On Facial Indicators

4 November 2013 — Planet Biometrics

According to Amscreen, the Tesco network is the first organization to roll-out its technology nationally. dunnhumby will enhance the system by helping to build right time, right place, and right message customer engagement.  

Work Starts On dunnhumby HQ

1 November 2013 — Look West

Work to convert 184 Shepherd’s Bush Road into a global HQ for ‘customer science’ specialists dunnhumby has begun.The development, which should create 1,000 jobs in Hammersmith, will also see more than £200,000 spent to improve the surrounding area, including Little Brook Green.