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GNC Uses dunnhumby For Omni-Channel Segmentation

28 October 2013 — Chain Store Age

GNC Holdings Inc. will use customer-centricity solutions from dunnhumbyUSA across all facets of its marketing to more effectively segment and engage with in-store and online customers. This will include personalized communications and offers to shoppers through both online and offline channels.

dunnhumbyUSA Partners With GNC

28 October 2013 — Progressive Grocer

dunnhumbyUSA has entered into a multiyear contract with GNC Holdings Inc. to apply its customer centricity solutions across all facets of GNC’s marketing, working closely with GNC to more effectively segment and engage with customers of its more than 6,200 retail outlets and online at throughout the United States. This will include personalized communications and offers to shoppers through both online and offline channels.

InfoScout Dashboard Turns Receipts Into Brand Data

21 October 2013 — Research

InfoScout has raised $5m in investment in its series A financing round, with backers including Bain Capital, Founder Collective and Dunnhumby Ventures.

How Pandora, Kellogg's, comScore And Comcast Compete In A Data-Driven World

21 October 2013 — AdExchanger

VP Digital Advertising & Global Partnership of dunnhumby, Lung Huang authors. "These are distinct cases of companies using data to make business decisions that will help them gain or retain a competitive advantage. Data keeps these enterprises alive, whether online, in the car, at the breakfast table or in the boardroom."

What Big Data Will Mean For Advisors

17 October 2013 — Think Advisor

Matt Keylock, Global Head of Data at dunnhumby, makes the key point that “your own data is the place to start,” adding that “buying third-party data may be fine for prospecting activity, and can add color to your own customer records, but it is not the foundation you want to build on.”

dunnhumby Launches ConvenienceShop

15 October 2013 — CSPnet

ConvenienceShop provides detailed shopper segmentation through analysis of actual purchase behavior, demographic information and overall engagement that can help CPGs better understand shopper frequency, purchase adjacencies, purchasing patterns, promotional performance and brand loyalty.

dunnhumby Unveils Behavioral Insights Portal

14 October 2013 — Convenience Store News

dunnhumby today unveiled ConvenienceShop, a new online portal that provides comprehensive point-of-sale and behavioral insights based on loyalty data from nearly 5 million U.S. convenience store households. This product is targeted to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Emotional Loyalty Emerges Among Many Brands, Customers

2 October 2013 — Loyalty 360

Through analysis of dunnhumby’s second Customer Centricity Index (CCI), a compelling and emerging piece to the loyalty puzzle is emerging: Brands need to make an emotional connection to their customers.

dunnhumby: Menards is Most Customer Centric DIY Chain

1 October 2013 — RetailWire

In its second Customer Centricity Index (CCI) report, dunnhumby measured home improvement (DIY) retailers and chains selling housewares. Using its seven pillars assessment, dunnhumby reported that Menards graded higher than larger rivals Home Depot and Lowe's as well as True Value and Ace Hardware among DIY chains for customer centricity.

Ikea, Menards Tops In Customer-Loving

30 September 2013 — MediaPost

While retailers are inclined to toss the phrase “customer-centric” around almost as often as they say “30% off,” very few actually excel at focusing on consumers. But a new study from dunnhumby names Ikea the most customer-focused housewares company, with Menards coming in tops among home improvement stores.