dunnhumby extends machine learning automation tool built on Microsoft Azure

  • dunnhumby Model Lab will soon be available as an Enterprise Edition, in response to requests to expand the number of users and dataset size
  • Large data science teams in retailers, brands, and businesses will be able to deliver customer insights faster, driving profitability and customer loyalty

NRF Chapter One, 19 January 2021 – Customer data science company dunnhumby is preparing to launch an Enterprise Edition of dunnhumby Model Lab, a machine learning automation tool for data scientists built on Microsoft Azure.

As retailers and CPGs begin to reimagine their business operations, and invest in their own data science capabilities, the ability to leverage dunnhumby machine learning expertise is growing. Model Lab enables data scientists to test hundreds or thousands of machine learning models in parallel, freeing their time to focus on delivering value and solving complex retail challenges.

“For several years, Model Lab has been a key tool used by our data scientists, supporting us to deliver customer-first, insight-led solutions,” said Kyle Fugere, Head of Innovation and Ventures at dunnhumby. “Making Model Lab available on Microsoft Azure was a key first step to expanding its audience to end-users, extending the great value this offering brings.”

Fugere continued, “Using Azure enabled us to deliver a robust product into end-users’ hands quickly and without the need of a dedicated DevOps team. At launch, we focused on providing free trials, supporting individual users and small data science teams, before expanding to enable larger groups to use the tool.”

Victor Robin, data science director at dunnhumby, explains why now is the right time to develop an Enterprise Edition: “Since launch, demand has grown quickly with numerous requests to expand the user limit and dataset size. In response we are developing an Enterprise Edition, which will be available in March 2021. This will support an unlimited number of users and means we can meet the needs of the largest data science teams. Microsoft Azure has been key in enabling us to scale and develop this quickly and securely.”

Model Lab Enterprise Edition is available initially in the United States, with global rollout expected later this year. Learn more about Model Lab at www.dunnhumby.com/modellab or sign-up now at https://signup.model-lab.dunnhumby.com/

dunnhumby’s collaboration with Microsoft puts data science into action, helping retailers and brand owners to build loyalty and profitability through focusing on the shopper experience.


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