dunnhumby launches ‘Relevant Sponsored Search’ on Tesco.ie, allowing brands to deliver customer-centric native ads to highly engaged shoppers

  • Tesco is first Irish retailer to offer Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands auction-based campaigns to target high-intent audiences with ad slots based on parameters such as budget, keyword, and categories

DUBLIN, IRELAND – 4 July 2023 – dunnhumby has today announced the launch of Relevant Sponsored Search on Tesco.ie, allowing brands to improve visibility and supercharge conversions by showcasing their products at the top of Tesco.ie online grocery shopping search results. With retailers’ sites used more than ever in the run-up to making a purchase — 37% of shoppers say that information on retailer-owned websites and apps helps them make up their mind on what to buy[1] — getting products seen in the right place at the right time can have a significant impact on sales, both online and in-store.

Highly targeted native ads

Relevant Sponsored Search allows advertisers to specify relevant keyword sponsorship to promote their products to the top of a customer’s search results listings when they search on Tesco.ie. The first retailer in Ireland to offer this product, the Tesco site will display the ads natively within the page in slots one and two, ensuring that the customer journey goes uninterrupted.

Via an easy-to-use self-serve online portal, CPG brands and their advertising agencies can create and manage auction-based campaigns using programmatic bidding with customisable parameters such as budget limits, specific keywords and wallet management. Near real-time reporting dashboards allows advertisers to observe featured product sales impact and adjust as necessary.

Eoin Maguire, Head of Commercial Media, dunnhumby Ireland says: “Customers are much more likely to buy the products they see first in the search results. Relevant Sponsored Search enables you to boost your products into these highly visible positions at the top of the organic search results, improving the discoverability of your product and growing your brand sales.”

Driving incremental sales

With over 20,000 products listed, it’s never been more important for a CPG brand to boost their products to the top of the search results on Tesco.ie, driving incremental sales and recognition with shoppers that would potentially be otherwise difficult to reach.

With marketing budgets under more scrutiny than ever before, brands can maintain control of their spending, set their budget, and determine spending with a cost-per-click-strategy to make sure these ads are delivering an effective return on ad spend. And with the scale and reach of Tesco.ie, underpinned by Clubcard insight, brands can reach more of the right shoppers in an effective, measurable, and trusted environment.

Cathal Deavy, Customer Director, Tesco Ireland, says: “At Tesco, we are always looking for ways to connect our supplier brands and customers in a seamless way. ‘Relevant Sponsored Search’ allows us to do just that through relevant keyword sponsorship to prioritise a specific brand product in customer search. This is an exciting opportunity for our brand partners and we’re looking forward to hearing what customers think.”

Learn more about how Relevant Sponsored Search can help you maximise conversions with Ireland’s biggest online grocery retailer. Speak to your media lead or visit go.dunnhumby.com/RelevantSponsoredSearch-Ireland.



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About Tesco

Tesco is one of Ireland’s largest grocery retailers having operated in the Irish retail market since 1997. With 166 stores nationwide, it employs over 13,000 people in cities and towns around Ireland, supporting almost 45,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Tesco is the single largest buyer of Irish food and drink in the world, buying €1.6 billion a year, more than any other single country in the European Union.

This year, Tesco Ireland was announced as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Champion 2023-24 by Minister Eamon Ryan. As a grocery retailer, Tesco Ireland is particularly committed to tackling SDG2 which aims to tackle hunger. The Stronger Starts programme forms part of Tesco’s commitment to driving awareness of the SDGs across Irish society, and lead by example in how small changes ladder up to make a big difference.