Be part of something bigger than Big Data

dunnhumby sits squarely at the intersection of Big Data and customer-centricity, bridging the gap between the analytical and the emotional, half-science, half-art, all passion for building the kinds of exceptional experiences that earn customers’ lifetime loyalty. More simply put, we use data and science to discover what makes customers happy, then we give it to them — and we could use your help. Join us on our mission to personalise the world’s experience of retailers and brands, one customer at a time.

We are only as great as our people

We’re not generally the type to boast, but when it comes to our people it’s hard to be modest. dunnhumbians are boundary pushers and question-askers. We are active participants and needle-in-the-haystack finders. We are big-time dreamers, busy transforming innovative ideas into worldwide change.

We are only as strong as our values

Our values underpin our culture. They are the force that drives us every day.

  • Curiosity: We have an endless appetite to understand, challenge, innovate, and learn
  • Passion: We are relentless in our positive enthusiasm
  • Courage: We take the right route, not always the easy one
  • Collaboration: We work best when we work together

We are only as authentic as our beliefs

Our beliefs are the core convictions we hold to be true, both individually and on a global scale.

  • Start with data: Customers tell us the right thing to do through the data
  • Our great people: Great people are what set us apart
  • Genius of simplicity: True genius comes from making the complex simple
  • Customer first: If you’re loyal to customers, they’ll be loyal to you

We are only as hardworking as we are fun-loving

Sure, we’re passionate about our work, but also about a whole lot more than that. We plant trees, go sailing, play music — and periodically throw huge, worldwide parties. We can tell you how to organise fabric softener to increase sales, but we have yet to reach a conclusion on the great dog v. cat debate. We’re parents, siblings, gardeners, movie buffs, nerds, fashionistas, marathoners, and couch potatoes. And we can’t wait to meet you.

People promises

More than just words and a strap-line, our people promises represent dunnhumby’s commitment to providing people with the things they need to excel.

  • Fair recognition and reward
  • New opportunities to get smarter, go further, and help others
  • Leaders who are forward thinkers, promise keepers, and role models with open doors
  • Supportive managers who build paths to success
  • Everything you need to do fantastic work, spaces, tools, and a great culture

What I like most about dunnhumby is the opportunity and support to progress for those that want it. The board room isn’t reserved for those that have been here the longest, but for those who have a real passion for driving the company’s direction and future.

Chris, Price and Promotions directorLondon, UK

Embracing difference

Different kinds of people make us a different kind of company. That's why we're committed to positive cultural diversity and making opportunities available to those qualified. dunnhumby is proud to be an Equal Opportunity workplace.