Grads testimonials (Part I) – The dunnhumby experience

Why they chose the dunnhumby graduate scheme and what has surprised them the most about their experience so far.

Our current grads (top) Kavya, Konstantin, Annabel, Laurence, (bottom) Bethany, Matt, Adam, Bradley share their experiences

"I hadn’t actually heard of dunnhumby before I saw the job advert but it instantly appealed to me when researching the company. I wanted a job that was going to be diverse and interesting with an opportunity to continually learn. Therefore, I thought a job that involved data and insights would always be developing, especially in a highly competitive industry such as retail. Furthermore, the opportunity to rotate around the business provided a great environment for me to discover what I wanted to pursue as a career at an even more granular level."

"The most unexpected element to my experience at dunnhumby has been the social side of work. There are so many events and sports to get involved in, so I would have to say winning the tag rugby league for the last two years is a non-work related highlight. The summer BBQ and dunnhumby live events are a fantastic way to socialise with colleagues away from the office, helping to create a brilliant work life balance." Laurence Brown

"dunnhumby just seemed like the right fit. From the start, even in my interview, the culture really came through. dunnhumby encompassed what I wanted from my first job, an emphasis on learning and growth with the flexibility to choose a career in the area you excelled in. It played to my strengths using data analysis but in a client facing environment, there really wasn’t another option." Bethany Wood

"I picked to join dunnhumby straight from university as the graduate scheme offered opportunities which were not available in other companies. The scheme would enable me to continue learning and provide me with challenging day to day responsibilities in the areas I was most interested in."

"One of the most unexpected things has been how amazingly supportive the people of who work in dunnhumby are. On the graduate scheme, you can truly chase the areas in which you are interested in and your colleagues will give up their time to assist you in fulfilling your goals. It is this friendly and positive atmosphere that makes coming to work a pleasure each day!" Matt Young

"I decided to join dunnhumby straight from university due to the brilliant opportunities offered on the graduate scheme. The scheme would enable me a wide range of business experiences and allow me to learn by working alongside experts in data and technology." Konstantin Mladenov

"I have always found retail and CPG's interesting and had a desire to be a consultant in the industry. I completed my dissertation on Loyalty Schemes within Grocery stores and dunnhumby/Tesco Clubcard featured prominently throughout. I discovered the dunnhumby graduate scheme online and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to begin a career in the industry."

"What has surprised me is the level of responsibility and ability to influence and engage senior stakeholders both internally and externally." Bradley Davis

"For me, dunnhumby seemed like the perfect place to start a career! We work at the forefront of innovation to provide unparalleled insights that genuinely benefit the consumer. At my interview, I was inspired by the culture at dunnhumby; the commitment people showed to the four values - curiosity, passion, courage and collaboration – especially impressed me." Adam Jackson

"Since my final year at university, I’d made up my mind to work for a data focused, customer-oriented business. That I found a best-in-class data science company that helps businesses to reimagine their customer strategy, was really exciting. I was thrilled to join a company that would allow me to leverage consumer data and make businesses love their customers." Kavya Munsif

"I decided to choose dunnhumby to start my career because I had an interest in consumer behaviour and shopper insights. I had studied modules such as attitude and attitude change, social psychology, as well as research and statistics in my final year, so dunnhumby felt like a good place to start my career. The graduate scheme also appealed to me because it gave us all the chance to experience different areas of the business before deciding where we would like to work permanently."

"Most surprised thing about my experience - I would say the culture and the people. I wasn’t sure what to expect when joining dunnhumby, but everyone I’ve met along the way so far has been so friendly and it’s really made the experience so far." Annabel Lewis