Grads testimonials (Part II) – Advice to future grads

Getting the most out of the graduate scheme

Our current grads with dunnhumby CEO Guillaume Bacuvier - getting the most out of the graduate scheme

"My key learnings from my first year would be to have confidence and throw yourself into as many opportunities as possible. It is inevitable there will be scenarios where you are unsure and not qualified to contribute, however the most effective way to improve is adapt and get it done." Laurence Brown

"It is always going to be a steep learning curve! When taking on something new like a starting in a new team or a whole new job there will be a lot to learn quickly. However, with the right support and tools in place it is very achievable – it will just take a bit of hard work. Oh, and ask questions about absolutely everything!" Bethany Wood

"I’ve seen vast improvements in my own professional skills and those of the graduates I joined with over the past year. In particular I have improved my own presenting skills and I feel well versed in the organisation and implementation of a given project. I am now able to interpret data and pull out actionable insight which is valuable to all our clients." Matt Young

"Get involved in as many projects as possible. dunnhumby has a multitude of tools available and immersing yourself in a variety of briefs/projects is the best way to experience them." Bradley Davis

"Jump in at the deep end and get yourself involved in as much as possible! Try to take on board diverse ideas from a range of people and try to look at problems from different angles. Stay humble but stand your ground when you need to." Adam Jackson

"To throw yourself into it and get to know as many people across the business as you can. It really helps to have a good network, not only within your own team and the people you work with day to day, but also people that work elsewhere in the business." Annabel Lewis