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Price and Promotion

Build data-driven price and promotion plans

A smart plan is the best way to put your strategy in place. But price and promotion planning is complex. Trade funds, supplier and marketing costs, sales figures, loyalty data — there’s no shortage of detail to consider. And marketing, finance, category management and suppliers? Of course they have input too. But you can achieve massive gains by doing it right.

Faced with these challenges, it’s tempting to just take last year’s plan and make minor updates, but you could be leaving money on the table.

Can dunnhumby's proven insights, methodologies and software improve your business?

  • Do you know which products have the highest price sensitivity for your shoppers?
  • Do you have visibility into which promotions will perform best and for which strategic purpose? (e.g. increase traffic, focus on driving basket diversity, etc.)
  • Do you know which lines are best for an everyday low price (EDLP) approach and which are best for promotions? Which cannibalise sales and which should be on page two of your circular?
  • Are your price zones set up to maximise success? How are you managing online versus in-store channel pricing plans?
  • Does your plan effectively support corporate strategy, such as growing your private-label business?
  • Do you have solid processes in place to evaluate your plan and make course corrections?

We can help you map out the right marketing and merchandising tactics based on deep data insights, to help you choose more profitable promotions, assortment and competitive price matching. We’ll also help develop guidelines to improve your overall planning processes.


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