Interview: Making sponsored products truly personalised

In this video, Julie Jeancolas, dunnhumby media’s Global Head of Products, and Brad Moran, CEO of CitrusAd, discuss Digital Onsite Sponsored Products – a Customer-centric sponsored products solution built in partnership by the two companies.

From what it means for Retailers, CPGs and Customers, to the growing trend towards personalisation in online grocery, Julie and Brad share their thoughts on this innovative new way to deliver relevant product suggestions to shoppers.

“Most sponsored products solutions rely on online behavioural data such as clicks. We wanted to deliver a more holistic, personalised approach – leveraging not just online behaviour but offline purchasing data as well.” – Julie Jeancolas, Global Head of Products at dunnhumby media

“What attracted us most to the dunnhumby relationship was their data-driven relevance; the ability to take what we built – a very elegant ad serving machine – and add billions of rows of data about each Customer to it.”- Brad Moran, CEO at CitrusAd


Digital Onsite Sponsored Products is the world’s first Customer-centric sponsored products platform for grocery Retailers and consumer packaged goods brands. Built in partnership by dunnhumby media and CitrusAd, Digital Onsite Sponsored Products combines Customer relevance from offline and online purchasing data with the power of programmatic advertising to deliver personalised, context-sensitive listings to ecommerce Customers.

To find out more about Digital Onsite Sponsored Products and how it can help you capitalise on the online grocery boom, watch our webinar below.

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