2022 Hong Kong Retailer Preference Index (RPI)

3 May '22
Hong Kong RPI

The first Hong Kong Retailer Preference Index (RPI), is a comprehensive, nationwide study based on research of over 2,800 Hong Kong shoppers, examining the Hong Kong grocery market. The new study ranks 24 of the State’s retailers and evaluates their ability to deliver on customer demands through a combination of their Share of Wallet and Emotional Connection with shoppers.

In this new report you will find what shoppers in Hong Kong expect from in-store and online grocery, custom strategies to be ahead of your competition, as well as:

  • A breakdown of the region’s highest ranked retailers, as measured by Share of Wallet, Market Share, and Emotional Connection.
  • Analysis of the key “Preference Pillars” – overarching issues that influence where customers decide to shop.
  • Comparisons between the RPI results for Hong Kong and neighbouring markets including Korea, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan.
  • A discussion of the impact of Covid-19, and the long-term implications for Hong Kong’s grocery retailers.

If your company is in the report and you would like your custom retailer profile, contact us.

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