Special Report: Aldi, Lidl; Their different Trajectories in the U.S.

By Erich Kahner,
29 August '23

Aldi has grown more than any other major retailer in the past three years and is in the national headlines again because of its recent acquisition. This report dives into the dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index database, as well as other insights and research about Aldi, to discuss what this acquisition means for Aldi, the competition, and consumers.

Also, with Lidl in the headlines right now due to what some call their “stalled expansion,” this juxtaposition begs the question, what explains the different trajectories between the two German retailers in the U.S., who globally are nearly equal in size? Aldi’s edge in both base prices and elements of store experience, better ability to deliver on assortment relevance — along with superior natural/organic variety – gives them a stronger offering on what matters most to grocery shoppers.

Download our special report to learn more about Aldi and Lidl competitive positioning in the U.S.

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