dunnhumby Consumer Trends Tracker

By Robert Hayes,
16 February '23

U.S. Grocery Profit Perception and Consumer Sentiment


In this latest wave of our ongoing Consumer Trends Tracker (CTT), we build on the inflation story, turning the focus to profit perception and customer sentiment. How much do shoppers think retailers really make? How high is inflation in the minds of consumers? What is behind the all-time low in customer sentiment, and how positive are customers about the future? We also examine two rising trends – eCommerce and Health – and offer retailers and brands a route to understanding and acting upon customer needs.

The dunnhumby Consumer Trends Tracker is included as part of The dunnhumby Quarterly, a new strategic analysis of the key grocery themes in times of economic uncertainty. This edition is all about prolific uncertainty. About health and safety. About finances. About the future. Responding to this ever-present feeling of uncertainty, consumers have shifted priorities and behaviors. While the last three years has been an extremely challenging time, it has also provided the perfect laboratory for analyzing how consumers have changed, and which grocers’ value propositions are built best for the long term.