Grocery 2053: A Data-Driven Gaze into The Future

By Vince Tirelli,
21 June '23

What will the grocery industry look like thirty years from now?


For starters, it will be worth $1.9 trillion, more than double its size today. The oldest millennials will be in their early seventies and the youngest Gen Z shoppers will have just started their forties. This group will be central to how the market evolves over the next three decades.

Yes, the shifts the retail grocery industry have gone through over the last few years have been dramatic, but the reality is that consequential shifts unfold over decades.

Businesses rise or fall not just based on their ability to react, but also on their ability to align themselves to the dominant demographic, cultural, economic, and technological trends that slowly reshape the market context over decades.


In Grocery 2053: A Data-Driven Gaze into The Future, dunnhumby examined which long-term trends matter the most to customers by tapping into our Retailer Preference Index database which has more than 70,000 consumer survey responses conducted from 2017 – 2022. Retailers were then evaluated for 2053 based on their future expected customer base, the trends relevant to them, and the value proposition alignment required.

Access the special report to uncover:

  • what trends will have the biggest potential impact on grocery retailers in the future
  • which retailers are best positioned, and which retailers need to evolve in order to meet the future trends
  • dunnhumby’s framework of how to transform your organization over time