The route to online profitability: Managing the economics of growth in online grocery today

By David Clements, David Ciancio, Mark Burton, Tom Block,
18 June '21
online profitability

dunnhumby’s Grocery Beyond the Tipping Point report explored the realities of a world in which the impact of Covid-19 had helped to drive online grocery to a point of critical mass. Half a year on from that report, and with demand holding steady, this follow-up paper addresses the burning question that looms above the spectacular growth of the past 12 months: how do retailers ensure that online serves as a profitable and sustainable part of their offering?

Download this report today for guidance on the challenges and opportunities ahead for Retailers, and how a Customer-first mind­set and data-driven approach will always help to identify the best route forwards. Contents includes:

  • Summarising an era of unprecedented digital demand
  • Changing economics and the impact on the grocery channel mix
  • Optimising eCommerce: the building blocks of channel profitability
  • The rising importance of alternative revenue streams
  • The multi-channel halo
  • Navigating a path to profitability
  • The rise of new entrants: a view from Asia

Download 'The Route to Online Profitability'

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