Report: Inflation Adjusted Grocery Sales

By Eric Karlson,
2 November '22

A deeper dive into consumer behavior data and what the numbers mean for grocers

While grocery sales will likely be up 6-8% YoY, inflation-adjusted sales will actually be in negative territory. At the same time, disposable income – a significant component to stimulus-related spending – is softening. This contraction in inflation-adjusted sales is likely mostly due to shoppers shifting behaviors to lower priced products, lower priced channels, and fewer non essentials, as inflation for food-at-home prices continue to climb and will likely persist at these historic levels into 2023. In this report, we do a deeper dive into consumer behavior data and share what the numbers mean for grocers:

The Report: Inflation Adjusted Grocery Sales is included as part of The dunnhumby Quarterly: Inflation Edition, a new strategic analysis of the key grocery themes in times of economic uncertainty. This edition unites inflation-related insights from economic trends, Customer needs, competitive positioning of the 70 largest retailers in the U.S. grocery market, and the perspectives of our battle tested grocery industry consultants.