10 tips for creating winning Loyalty Strategies

By David Ciancio, Richard Dawson,
15 July '19


Loyalty strategies are an essential component of modern retailing, and when executed well, they can generate valuable Customer behavioural data which powers sales and revenue generation. Recent research has shown that loyal Customers are responsible on average for 73% of sales growth for brands. Yet despite this, the vast majority of loyalty initiatives are failing to engage the modern consumer. How can you ensure your loyalty approach delivers sustainable results while keeping pace with shopper needs and expectations?

Our latest report shares 10 important tips to help you a create a loyalty strategy that will drive preference for your brand and make a real impact on your bottom line. Download today to learn more about:

  • the right combination of rewards, incentives and engagement initiatives
  • how you can move beyond “cards and points”
  • which KPIs are important for measuring loyalty
  • how personalisation can aid flexibility for future change


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