The Power of Personalised Loyalty

By Debora Franchim, Sam Sergeant,
12 December '23

How the world’s leading retailers are finding ways to grow customer loyalty – even in tougher times. In addition to exploring current attitudes towards loyalty within some of the world’s largest grocery retail organisations, this study also serves to dispel some of the industry’s biggest misconceptions on that subject. As we’ll see over the coming pages, there is often a distinct difference between what is commonly believed to be happening and what really is – particularly when it comes to the key focus areas for retailers today.

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  • Coupons, vouchers, and members-only pricing dominate the loyalty programme landscape as it stands.
  • Mobile apps and omnichannel marketing are where most retailers’ future plans lie, as opposed to new technologies like chatbots or augmented reality.
  • Tailored digital recommendations are the leading choice when it comes to personalisation strategies – with emerging technologies again lagging behind.
  • The majority of retailers follow the same approach to personalisation online as they do in-store.
  • Financial constraints and technical difficulties present the biggest challenges when it comes to the effective implementation of loyalty and personalisation initiatives.
  • Most retailers have managed to retain or grow their base of loyal customers over the past few years contrary to what industry news headlines are reporting.
  • Uptake of loyalty programmes is growing in kind.
  • Private brands continue to burgeon in popularity.

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