Retail Media: State of the Industry Report 2022

16 March '22
state of the industry retail media

Around the world, money is pouring into the grocery sector – and not a penny of it from shoppers.

Retail media is enjoying an unprecedented surge in investment right now. In 2021, advertisers were projected to have upped their spending on retail websites and apps by around 55% in EMEA, and up by 38% in the United States.

Forrester predicts that by the end of 2022, the global industry for Retail Media could be worth around $50bn, with no sign of things slowing. But what’s behind this unprecedented rise in retail media? What are the main drivers? Who are the key players? Which channels are seeing greatest growth and innovation?

Download our Retail Media: State of the Industry report 2022 to get up to speed with the fastest growing media networks for brands and agencies.

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