Retail media: the buyer’s view

By Cat Bell, Julie Jeancolas,
3 April '23
retail media solution - customer first approach

Acquiring new customers. Inspiring existing ones. Raising awareness. Reducing churn. Whatever the objective, retail media gives consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies and the media agencies that represent them a way to achieve it. Providing direct access to shoppers, and with data-driven insights helping to maximise reach and relevance alike, retail media offers a full-funnel marketing solution that delivers tangible, measurable results.

Download this report as we look at retail media through the buyer’s eyes. Using insights from more than 300 brand marketing and media professionals across the globe, we paint an open and impartial picture of the current retail media landscape. From the channels they’re investing in through to successes and failures, we explore buyers’ current sentiment towards retail media – and their expectations for the future.

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