Small baskets, large stores - how shopping behaviour is changing

Small baskets, large stores - how shopping behaviour is changing

20 March 2017

Shopping "little and often" has for many become the new normal, as consumers' lives are increasingly busy and time-pressured. Growing urbanization, smaller households and choice of channels are also contributing
to a 2.5% year-on-year increase in small basket purchases as store visits become more frequent, as demonstrated by our latest global study. Convenience shopping missions are on the rise - and not just in convenience formats. These shopping behavioural changes create implications and opportunities for traditional, large-format retailers.  Download our report to see our recommendations for action.

Key findings from the study:

  • The shopping “little and often” trend has continued with 2.5% YOY increase globally in small basket visits taking place in large format stores
  • Many shoppers are using hypermarkets as convenience stores. More than 60% of baskets globally contain six or fewer items in large format stores.
  • While large baskets still dominate revenue in hypermarkets, the shopping experience for small and medium baskets is critical for traditional retailers, making up 35% of overall sales.
  • On average globally we have seen a 2% YOY decrease in large baskets across all formats
  • Small basket trips are growing at different rates across regions with YOY % change of 3% in Asia, 7.5% in Europe and 11% in LatAm
  • Convenience shopping is defined by consumer behaviour rather than store format, size or location, as we see small basket missions increasing in all store formats.




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