Webinar On-demand | Customer First Category Management and COVID-19: Life After the Curve

The “new normal” isn’t really normal at all. Life amid COVID-19 has forced U.S. consumers to adopt new behaviors, dramatically impacting how they shop, work and go about their daily lives. Trips to the grocery store are now once weekly trips to buy essentials and stock the pantry for home cooking. And, vulnerable consumers now rely on online ordering and delivery services they were once reluctant to try. 

On average, it takes 66 days for new behaviors to become automatic. The majority of U.S. consumers will cross that milestone under pandemic restrictions very soon. Retailers should prepare now to successfully serve their customers after the “COVID curve.”

Join dunnhumby’s Daryl Wehmeyer, Head of Category Management for North America, and John O'Reilly, Head of Customer Development for North America, as they discuss:

  • dunnhumby’s model of the current and future phases of the Coronavirus pandemic and implications for category management
  • Customers’ attitudes about shopping during COVID-19
  • How Retailers should manage their assortments during and after the Covid recovery to prepare themselves for the new normal


Watch webinar recording

Watch webinar recording

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