Webinar On-Demand | Using AI-powered data science to enhance the end-to-end assortment process

Wednesday, July 10 | 11:00 am CST

Using AI-powered data science to enhance the end-to-end assortment process

Planogram creation is a complex task requiring lots of manual intervention and time commitment. Assortment and planogram definitions are interconnected, and there is lots of back and forth to get to an actionable solution. This becomes an even bigger problem within retailers with big store networks with many different clusters and planogram sizes. Ensuring decisions that truly consider customer behavior and purchasing decision process, not just financial and sales performance, is still critical, and not being leveraged by most retailers today.

In this webinar, the experts from dunnhumby will display their new assortment tool, a solution for these challenges. The webinar will cover:

  • Generation of Customer Decision Trees (CDTs) based on product substitutability
  • Auto-generation of planograms based on association relationships between Need States in the category
  • Defining the optimal assortment for the category based on space limitations and customer and business metrics of performance


Presented by:

Jorge Romero, Category & Store Solutions Consulting Director, dunnhumby

Carlos Vargas, Catman Consulting Manager, dunnhumby

Jessica Malin, Shopper Insights Client Manager Meijer Insight, dunnhumby.


Watch webinar recording

Watch webinar recording

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