Forbes and GMI name three dunnhumby managers in India’s Top 100 Great People Managers

Gurugram, India – 29th September 2020 – dunnhumby, the global leader in customer data science, announced today that three of their managers have been named in Forbes’ list of India’s Top 100 Great People Managers 2020. For the second year running, dunnhumby has featured in the Top 100 list. This study was conducted by Great Manager Institute, headquartered in Mumbai.

Forbes and GMI name three dunnhumby managers

From left to right: Gautam Jain, Payal Sinha, Sanjay Shukla

This year, 6,300+ managers across 1,100+ organisations participated in The Great People ManagerTM Study. The Top 100 list includes managers from all levels of the organisation. The study focused on assessing the effectiveness of people managers across levels, age bands and experience using a 4-layered methodology.

Payal Sinha, a dunnhumby veteran, has been with the organisation for 11 years. She has had the rare distinction of being named in the list in two consecutive years, 2019 and 2020. With her expertise in Property and Operations Management, she leads office operations for dunnhumby India. In her own words, “I feel fortunate to have had such a versatile involvement with the global organisation operationally. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given. What keeps me going is that my personal values resonate with dunnhumby values.”

Sanjay Shukla, Director of Data Science (R&D) has in his six years at the firm, led a high performing team of Data Science researchers and Machine Learning engineers. Sanjay believes that honesty goes a long way in nurturing a team of experts. Also, he believes in giving people the freedom to fail. He says, “Building a culture of innovation necessitates giving that freedom. It is the few ideas which survive at the end of the long road that create massive impact.”

With 14 years’ experience in establishing a 24×7 support environment for leading products, Gautam Jain is a Product Support Manager for Corporate Systems with dunnhumby. His team acknowledges that Gautam is an empathetic manager who focuses on creating a strong sense of belonging, values, and collaboration. He believes that “inclusivity harnesses the right environment for increased productivity.”

Manoj Madhusudanan, Head of dunnhumby India, says, “It gives us immense pride to see our managers getting this prestigious recognition. Having dunnhumby values – courage, collaboration, curiosity and passion – written in a document is one thing, but to be recognised for living and breathing them, speaks a lot about the strength of our brilliant people.”

With a team of over 680 employees, dunnhumby India has witnessed over 30% growth in headcount within the past year. The office was established in 2008 as a hub of data engineering, data science and product development, and is today a key driver of dunnhumby’s growth.

About dunnhumby India

Established in 2008, dunnhumby India is a hub of Data Engineering, Data Science, and Product Development with deep expertise in Price & Promotions, Category Management, Customer Knowledge, Customer Engagement, and Media delivery. The teams in India play a key role for clients spread globally at different stages of their journey with dunnhumby.

With a long history of Data Science and software development and the ability to attract exceptional talent through encouraging a culture of innovation, agility and flexibility, the India office sits at the heart of global dunnhumby, influencing the success of our entire client network. It is at the forefront of developing the best products and science using a variety of techniques and tools including highly scalable cloud hosted models, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

About dunnhumby

dunnhumby is the global leader in Customer Data Science, empowering businesses everywhere to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy. We always put the Customer First.

Our mission: to enable businesses to grow and reimagine themselves by becoming advocates and champions for their Customers. With deep heritage and expertise in retail – one of the world’s most competitive markets, with a deluge of multi-dimensional data – dunnhumby today enables businesses all over the world, across industries, to be Customer First.

The dunnhumby Customer Data Science Platform is our unique mix of technology, software and consulting, enabling businesses to increase revenue and profits by delivering exceptional experiences for their Customers – in-store, offline and online. dunnhumby employs over 2,500 experts in offices throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas working for transformative, iconic brands such as Tesco, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Procter & Gamble, Raley’s, L’Oréal and Monoprix.

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