Brand Media & Channels - Helping brands get the most from retail media

Brand Media & Channels

Helping brands get the most from retail media

Use Customer Data Science to create effective media campaigns

Brand Media & Channels uses advanced Data Science and first-party retailer data to help brands create strategic media promotions and campaigns that deliver sales, ROI and growth. The solution works across multiple channels, drawing on Shopper insight to ensure that brand media activity is well-targeted, well-timed and well-executed.

Goal Driven Campaigns

Goal-driven campaigns

Our offering helps you achieve campaign goals with optimised multichannel media plans, delivering superior returns for advertisers. We combine leading Data Science with in-store and digital media inventory, along with multichannel measurement reporting that pinpoints sales attribution.

Brand Media & Channels helps brands:

  • Harness first-party retailer data to inform media planning
  • Improve efficiency and maximise return on media spend
  • Choose the right channel for the right message
  • Plan and deploy highly personalised campaigns
Brand Media & Channels - Help to Brands
Digital Onsite

Digital Onsite

Digital Onsite is a managed service that drives awareness and prompts impulse buys for your products across retail e-commerce platforms and apps. After identifying audiences with purchase intent, it delivers relevant display ads, measuring how these perform for future optimisation. Ads feature across retailer homepages, favourites, search functions, baskets, checkouts and special offer sections.

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Direct Marketing

Marketing is a toolkit from dunnhumby that identifies the audiences you should focus on, then helps you execute engaging, personalised and creative campaigns that directly drive sales and ROI. Activity is carried out using direct mail and email, coupons at the till and mobile messaging.

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Direct Marketing
Digital Offsite

Digital Offsite

Digital Offsite uses exclusive retailer data for programmatic media executions to get your brand in front of your target audience across the open web and walled garden environments. The process brings together audience insight, selection based on marketing goals, tactics to reach them across addressable digital channels, and measurement and optimisation.

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Store Media

Store Media enables brands to activate in-store campaigns targeted at their most relevant Shopper segments, using data and insight to inform strategy, design, delivery and evaluation – as well as store selection. Campaigns can take place across printed point of sale, sampling and experiential initiatives, digital signage, mobile, store radio and branded magazines.

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Store Media

Brand Media & Channels helps brands plan and deliver highly targeted, successful promotions and campaigns. It also offers data and insight on performance to inform future activity. Everything is based on first party data, enabling one-to-one, highly personalised multi-channel advertising.

Capitalise on the power of Retail Media

Optimise every opportunity across all channels available to you

Prioritise personalisation

Segment, target and engage with data-driven personalisation

Measure and forecast

Accurately assess campaigns and better forecast new ones

Account management

Work with a team that understands your needs and delivers against targets

Ensure your investment in onsite advertising works by using Data Science to target Shoppers at the right stage of their journey. Digital Onsite lets you serve real-time ads across the whole of a retailer’s digital storefront – from homepage to checkout.

Accurate targeting

Identify and engage with high-intent audiences

Helpful suggestions

Provide predictive purchase suggestions that enhance Shopper experiences

Boost brand awareness

Make products and brands more visible on premium retail digital mediums

Measurable impact

Understand the impact of spend, attribute accurately, and refine

Maximise the impact of your marketing and advertising spend with data-led, highly targeted activity that’s proven to cut through to Shoppers. Direct Marketing gets straight to your audience with meaningful offers that drive loyalty and perception as well as sales.

Reach Shoppers directly

Target and extend your reach with high purchase intent shoppers

Influence Shopper behaviour

Encourage more footfall and in-store sales

Personalised campaigns

Deliver highly personalised content, coupons and promotional offers

Grow ROI

Deliver highly personalised content, coupons and promotional offers

Get your products in front of the most relevant Shopper groups for your brand and boost the effectiveness of your online marketing. Insight driven activity means you can communicate with the right audience, wherever they are online, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

Across the web

Activate highly targeted campaigns on channels across the web and walled gardens

Identify audiences

Use first-party data to spot high-intent audiences and engage them appropriately

Optimal performance

Maximise results against Shopper and brand goals

Accurate attribution

Grow ROI and accurately attribute performance on all touchpoints

Positive experiences

Ensure strong Shopper experiences with independently trackable, brand safe inventory

Stand out at the point of purchase with engaging, relevant campaigns. dunnhumby uses Customer Data Science to enhance your brand’s store presence through point of sale, digital signage, sampling, experiential and Shopper focused media.

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Shopper engagement

Improve your brand relationship with Shoppers

Comprehensive approach

Draw on a range of in store strategies to maximise attention for your brand

End to end solution

Work with our experts on every stage – from strategy to execution

Drive sales and new Shoppers

Help Shoppers navigate the aisle and boost sales with a proven methodology

Clients using Brand Media & Channels have achieved

Digital Onsite return on ad spend

Digital Offsite audience buy-in

Direct Marketing redemption rate

Store Media sales uplift

Customer Stories


Find out how directly connecting insight and media planning at household level gave Nestlé an 11% sales uplift.

Halo Top

How Halo Top became Tesco’s second-largest luxury ice cream brand in six months, and the UK’s third-largest within one year.

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