Make your promotions more effective with Data Science

Maximise returns on promotions with Data Science

Creating promotions that Shoppers respond to positively is increasingly challenging for CPGs. With so many tactics to choose from and a lack of clear insight into what works and what doesn’t, CPGs end up repeating historic offers reducing the potential sales uplift as a result.

Our Data Science identifies the drivers of promotion performance and our analytics tools give the recommendations to plan successful promotions accordingly. Combined, it means that CPGs enjoy promotions that deliver growth, and Shoppers enjoy relevant offers.

The benefits of Promotions

The benefits of Promotions

Promotions from dunnhumby removes the guesswork and helps CPGs to:

  • Grow Sales - Improve promotion performance by selecting the best mix of tactics
  • Maximise trade funds - Remove the risk of promotions underperforming
  • Improve retail collaboration - Plan and review promotions in partnership with retailers
  • Build Shopper loyalty - Improve the Shopper experience with more relevant offers

Promotions Analytics

To plan and nominate effective Promotions, CPGs in collaboration with the retailer must be able to accurately assess past performance and get detailed insight into the impact of each tactic. dunnhumby Promotions Analytics uses Data Science to intelligently analyse historic campaigns and ensure every promotion performs to its maximum potential.

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Promotions Analytics

Promotions brings together a set of services to help CPGs understand the effectiveness of offers and events, get a better picture of what’s worked in the past, and ensure that future promotions are finely tuned to maximise ROI and growth.

Maximise Sales

Deliver greater returns by running more impactful promotions

Invest effectively

Ensure every promotion succeeds and avoid wasted trade funds

Simplify analysis

Understand the drivers of promotion performance with Data Science

Shopper focus

Create Shopper-centric promotions that drive value and create loyalty

Promotions Analytics gives CPGs a historical view of promotions to reveal success and failure factors, and the impact of promotional activity on sales, margin and volume. Use this insight to inform future promotions, identify growth opportunities, and streamline planning.

Optimise nominations

Ensure future promotions are guided by Data Science recommendations

Calculate performance

Understand the drivers of promotion success and the value of individual tactics

Enhance funding

Invest in promotions that minimize cannibalisation and maximise sales uplift

Improve retail collaboration

Streamline trade planning and review with a shared view of promotion performance

Clients using Promotions have achieved

Increase in cash sales

Return on investment

Customer Stories

Samworth - promotional uplift using a clear, data and customer-centric plan

Samworth Brothers

How Customer Data Science and insights led to a projected >1.8% sales uplift across the category.

Halo Top - 17% of total brand sales were generated

Halo Top

How Halo Top became Tesco’s second-largest luxury ice cream brand in six months, and the UK’s third-largest within one year.

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