Find out how understanding customers through data insights and personalised communications saw a 1% growth in like-for-like sales.

CRAI case study - customer data science and insights led to growth in sales

growth in average incremental sales during CRM campaigns


growth in like-for-like sales during CRM campaigns

CRAI, the Italian supermarket established in 1973, with cooperatives spread across 19 Italian regions and over 2,270 stores, had a loyalty program in place but had never studied their customers’ behaviour and needs, nor had they undertaken any personalised engagement activity.

CRAI recognised the need to improve their customers’ experience and saw how understanding their customers through customer data insights and analytics, would help them to create personalised communications and drive their business objectives.

dunnhumby has a strong competence on marketing levers, big data, and customer strategy. Others might also have this, but it’s dunnhumby’s commitment, passion and willingness to really understand client needs that adds value.
Mario La Viola, CRAI Marketing Director

Download the full case study to discover how CRAI:

  • Differentiated customers according to their habits, needs and value
  • Created an individual and personalised dialogue with customers
  • Drove greater loyalty over time and increased spend
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