Raia Drogasil

How informed customer-centric decision making helped to deliver 4.3% sales uplift in 21 weeks.

Raia Drogasil case study - customer data science and insights led to growth in sales

and 2.2% growth in sales and units due to packaging repositioning


sales uplift within 21 weeks for the test and roll out stores

Raia Drogasil (RD) was established in 2011 as the result of the merger between Raia S.A. and Drogasil S.A. With operations in 17 states and 26 million customers, RD represents more than 89% of the Brazilian pharmaceutical consumer market.

Product assortment and display of Over the Counter (OTC) categories has been a major issue for most pharma retailers and CPGs, due to the lack of understanding of their customer data. RD recognised it was critical to start driving value from their customer data to understand buying behaviour and make informed assortment decisions to improve category performance.

We were able to move to a customer-centric category management. We used to look at sales information only, now we look at customer data to decide new strategies for the category. For me, that is the biggest transformation that we have achieved so far.
Marcello De Zagottis, VP Commercial and Marketing

Download the full case study to discover how Raia Drogasil:

  • Made customer-centric decisions for category assortment and intuitive product flow
  • Improved the in-store customer experience with easy-to-shop and easy-to-find exhibitions
  • Optimised product positioning on shelf based on identified shopping missions.
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