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DUNNHUMBY is the world’s leading customer science company. We analyse data and apply insights from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe to create personalised customer experiences in digital, mobile, and retail environments. Our strategic process, proprietary insights, and multichannel media capabilities build loyalty with customers to
drive competitive advantage and sustained growth for clients.

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What started as a plan on a 14-page document became one of the many success stories for dunnhumby. In June 2007, the vision for a global best practice hub in India became a reality with its first office opening. The creation of this hub was deemed critical to dunnhumby's ambitions to expand globally. The first phase involved getting the right people on board as the foundation for future growth. The aim was to get the right experts who displayed dunnhumby’s values: passion, curiosity, collaboration and courage. Since hiring its first people in November 2007, the team is nearly 400-strong, based in dunnhumby India's Gurgaon Office. Both operationally and culturally, the team sits at the heart of dunnhumby.

With the original mission accomplished, dunnhumby India's new mission is excellence. Our team engages across the spectrum of the work we do for clients: Communications and Media, Price and Promotion, Data, Category Management, and Customer Knowledge. The team has significant expertise in these capabilities and is aiming to be a centre of excellence in Communications and Media, Customer Knowledge and Data. India is playing a vital role for 20+ clients across the world at different stages of their journey with dunnhumby. Our analysts are engaged in discoveries with new clients in Europe, working in generalist roles across capabilities for early stage clients across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and serving in focused roles in Communications and Media and Customer Knowledge for established clients such as Tesco and Macy’s.





Both operationally and culturally, our India team sits at the heart of dunnhumby. Since 2007, we’ve delivered and enhanced data, carried hundreds of communication and media events and conducted thousands of custom insight projects.

Located in Gurgaon, one of Delhi's four major satellite cities, we moved into our new, plush and bigger two-floored home at Paras Twin Towers in June 2010, subsequently dubbing it the ‘centre of excellence’.

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