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DUNNHUMBY is the world’s leading customer science company. We analyse data and apply insights from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe to create personalised customer experiences in digital, mobile, and retail environments. Our strategic process, proprietary insights, and multichannel media capabilities build loyalty with customers to drive competitive advantage and sustained growth for clients.

About dunnhumby India

Founded in February 2008, dunnhumby India is the Data Science Hub for dunnhumby with significant expertise in all dunnhumby capabilities (Customer Engagement, Customer Knowledge, Price & Promotions and Category Management). The team plays a vital role for numerous clients across the world at different stages of their journey with dunnhumby.

Through a strong talent pipeline in data engineering, science and development coupled with innovation, agility and flexibility, India sits at the heart and is a key enabler for a global dunnhumby. The team is at the forefront of developing best of science, innovation, and setting up standard practices. It is the only dunnhumby office that serves all our retail partners.

Our people

We’re not generally the type to boast, but when it comes to our people it’s hard to be modest. dunnhumbians are boundary pushers and question-askers. We are active participants and needle-in-the-haystack finders. We are big-time dreamers, busy transforming innovative ideas into worldwide change.

Our team in India use their deep expertise in open source technologies and advanced data science techniques such as machine learning to conduct sophisticated customer studies for our clients and to deliver best-in-class solutions through products. Projects done in India include (i) custom insights work to understand customers, brands and categories through data, (ii) building and automating tools and reports to facilitate consulting with various stakeholders, (iii) enhancing and using standardised platforms for complex activations such as personalized customer targeting, price and promotions analysis, (iv) innovating, developing and enhancing methodologies to continually improve our solutions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – we are constantly learning new sciences and techniques, ahead of our peers in the industry when it comes to new technology and its application in customer data science.





Both operationally and culturally, our India team sits at the heart of dunnhumby. Since 2007, we’ve delivered and enhanced data, carried hundreds of communication and media events and conducted thousands of custom insight projects.

Located in Gurgaon, one of Delhi's four major satellite cities, we moved into our new, plush and bigger two-floored home at Paras Twin Towers in June 2010, subsequently adding two more floors.

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