dhOne – introducing dunnhumby’s multicultural network

In 2019 we were proud to launch dhOne, our multicultural network which aims to bring to life dunnhumby's Multicultural Diversity


Why was dhOne founded?

dhOne forms part of our D&I strategy, building on the success of dh Thrive, dh Proud and the dh Women's Network. And we're proud to state our commitment to inclusion and open our network to everyone.

dhOne's primary focus is to advocate for BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) issues across the business by encouraging open and honest conversations. The mission is to cultivate an environment of inclusion that represents and celebrates our diverse multicultural workforce.

Why is dhOne important to dunnhumby?

dunnhumby's dhOne - celebrates diverse multicultural workforce, TogetherAsOne

Cultural Celebration

A national ICM poll from the Guardian reported that many BAME individuals felt they couldn't bring their whole selves to work. The participants stated that when at work they altered their voices, felt excluded from activities, and that they faced greater challenges to progress. So, as a network we hope to encourage BAME and allies alike to bring their whole selves to work, by celebrating cultures and encouraging inclusive conversations.

Stimulate a rich and multi-talented work force

An article published by recruitment website Monster stated that companies with diverse senior management fostered environments of problem-solving, trust and innovation. In the same article, it reported that diverse organisations are better at attracting the talent, particularly Millennials, who will make up 75% of the work force by 2025. Having a diverse workforce will help dunnhumby attract outstanding people and give us a platform to maintain the best talent pool.

All of the above is supported in dhOne's tagline - 'Many voices, many minds, coming together as One'.

How are we going to achieve dhOne's mission?

By ensuring we:

  • Cultivate an environment of inclusion that represents and celebrates our diverse workforce.
  • Enable every individual at dunnhumby to bring their whole selves to work every day.
  • Encourage inclusive conversations across the business to affect cultural and behavioural change.

dhOne is open to ALL and aims to encourage inclusive conversations across our business to affect real cultural and behavioural change.

Many voices, many minds, coming together as One.