It all started with a phone call

Meet Nalinthip Phirksuwan or Koe for short, Country Head - dunnhumby media Thailand. She tells us about her interesting career journey at dunnhumby.

Tell us about your career journey

It’s been a long and varied journey and I hope it does not bore you!

I started my career as a junior researcher at TNS, a global marketing research firm, and spent almost 10 years there developing my career. I had never thought of leaving the firm, they had the warmest working environment that nurtured and developed my skills, but when you least expect it something else comes along.

In 2010, I received a phone call from a respected former TNS colleague, Lek (Teeradet). He was the first employee in dunnhumby Thailand and he wanted someone who could come and help him scale up the business.

I’d never heard of dunnhumby before, but it was Lek’s dedication to dunnhumby that brought me here. I wanted to surround myself with those who work with full passion and drive to be their best.

And with that my career at dunnhumby began. I joined as one of the two Insight Leads (formerly called ‘Manufacturer Practice Lead’) in Thailand. After five years in the position, I took the opportunity as MP Insight Asia Core Team for nine months to develop a knowledge sharing community. It was a short-term assignment which I enjoyed as I had the chance to travel across Asia and develop a great network with colleagues.

At the time I was pregnant and after completing this short-term assignment, my baby boy came out to see the world. Perfect timing!

I came back from maternity leave to take on the role as ‘Head of Media Planning’ in the Connect Media team before taking on my current role as Country Media Manager.

In this role I’m responsible for the Connect Media business in Thailand, the largest dunnhumby media business in the APAC region. I lead a team of 40+ employees who look after media planning, campaign management, graphic design and operations.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve faced in your career to date?

It might sound weird but the most challenging thing for me over the past decade has been to manage a team as I am not people-oriented. Throughout my career, I work on being more understandable and approachable. To be decisive but not dictate. This is a journey for me.

What motivates you day-to-day in your work?

Knowing that my actions and decisions will make a difference, no matter how big or small an impact and feeling a sense of achievement. The feeling that I am worthy to my team, that I am worthy to this business.

How has dunnhumby supported your growth?

Well, I think my career journey proves that point. My career is growing non-stop because our business is scaling. dunnhumby believes that an employee owns his/her career and it is so true. I can create my career path for the next 2-3 years and share it with my line manager so that we can work together to get to that point.

What has a career with dunnhumby enabled you to achieve?

Working at dunnhumby has enabled me to keep on expanding my skills, from analytics to commercial thinking to people management. I’m growing and developing every day.

What’s your favourite moment so far at dunnhumby?

My favourite moments are when we do 5-year vision workshops. We brainstorm and exercise our futuristic brain and vision.

How would you describe the work environment in our Bangkok office?

Friendly and helpful. The people are a magnet. We hold on to each other.

Tell us some things people might not know about you. What is your favourite film?

The Devil wears Prada and I love the YouTube channel, ThisisVatanika

And if you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one item you’d take?

Can I take a person?  If yes, it would be my husband. If not, then my item would be knife