Stories of re-location, from England to India by Victor Robin

A series of blogs celebrating and shining light on our amazing people and their career journeys.

In what location did you reside when you started out on your career with dunnhumby?

London (UK)

In what location do you reside currently?

Gurgaon (India)​​​​​​​

How long have you worked at dunnhumby?

Over 7 years!

Give us a brief overview career journey with dunnhumby?

I started out as a Data Scientist/Senior Data Scientist in London, working on Tesco Bank for roughly 2 years. I then moved to be a Data Science Manager/Engineering Manager (in India) working on Vampiriser/Model Lab for about 5 years. Now in the past few months, I am an Engineering Manager (still based in India) - working on Media Science & Model Lab.

What do you love most about the region that you live in now?

The culture and the people!

What have you learnt about life from living in different locations around the world?

India taught us what actually matters vs what is not worth worrying about, and to be grateful and be happy with what we have. In Europe, we have everything (health care, social security, unemployment, etc...) and yet we complain about everything. In India, they appreciate life more and care only about the important things.

How did dunnhumby enable you to relocate?

They offered me to move to India to start the development of Vampiriser and Model Lab after I won the £1m idea challenge.

What is something that you’ve done in your career at dunnhumby that you never expected to?

Bollywood dancing and Yoga in office!

What advice would you give to someone looking to relocate to a different region?

Only do it if you are ready to embrace the culture and importantly don't compare it with your home country. We've seen many people in India living as if they were still in Europe, and as such they did not enjoy and did not last. For example, someone from France was devastated because they couldn't find croissants. You have to think, if croissants are so important to you then maybe stay in France.