5 steps to becoming a Customer-First business

By David Ciancio,
20 March '19

Everyone in retail says they care about their customers. But truly ‘Customer-First’ retailers act in ways that deepen their relationships with loyal Customers, making them likely to spend more. In recent studies, we’ve seen that retailers who create the greatest emotional connection, as rated by shoppers, achieved sales growth 9 times greater than their lower ranked competitors.

The Customer-First approach is not the easy route, but it is the right route, as demonstrated by the retailer success stories in this report from those who have started on this journey. Examples of performance improvement from retailers in EMEA and North America include:

  • uplift in sales and profit after implementing a Customer-centric pricing strategy
  • increased revenue and market share growth, even in a highly competitive market
  • successful growth of loyal Customer base and reduction in churn after embedding a Customer-First culture across their entire business
  • uplift in sales and increase in reach after using Customer data to optimise weekly promotional flyers

To optimise sales and profit for your business, download the report to discover the five key areas vital to Customer-First success.

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