The First Japan Retailer Preference Index: Grocery Edition

7 July '22

Since 2018, dunnhumby’s Retailer Preference Index (RPI) has been the mechanism to prepare retailers for the evolving needs of customers and has been run now for the first time in Japan looking at the Grocery Retail market.

Our RPI — which has also helped retailers in North America, Mexico, Brazil, the EU, Australia, and Southeast Asia — reveals which retailers are winning with customers and why, building up an insightful global database of results. It does so by uncovering how customers perceive stores through different preference drivers, and it identifies how these perceptions affect both their emotional connection with shoppers as well as their long and short-term financial performance.

We’re pleased to bring you this first edition of the Japan Retailer Preference Index to help retailers position themselves to win more customers than the competition, even as uncontrollable events continue to impact the market.

Download the 1st Retailer Preference Index: Japan Grocery Channel Edition.

Download the Japan Retailer Preference Index: Grocery Edition

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