The 2020 Korea Grocery Retailer Preference Index

15 June '20
The 2020 Korea Grocery Retailer Preference Index

In our first annual Retailer Preference Index (RPI) for the Korean grocery channel, we look at how customers are choosing to shop as the market prepares for an economic downturn, as retailers navigate a post-COVID-19 environment. Which grocers are best prepared to weather the storm, and what can other retailers do to compete? The RPI seeks to answer these and other questions, including: 

  • What drives customer preference for grocery retailers? 
  • Which retailers are winning and losing? And why? 
  • What can grocery retailers do to improve performance and win more trips? 

Existing ranking methods focus primarily on retail growth based on store counts and revenue size, without linking growth to emotional or financial performance. We have a different perspective, one that focuses on the consumer and their emotional connection to the various retailers within the grocery channel. Our study surveyed 5,000 Korean consumers to uncover how they think and feel about grocery stores, and how they shop them. All with a goal to understand how Customers perceive stores through five different drivers, and how these perceptions affect both the emotional connection and financial performance. 

Our goal: to help retailers better understand their customers to deliver a value proposition that aligns with their needs, to earn more trips and drive sustainable growth. 

To learn more, download a free copy of the report. If your company is in our report and you'd like your custom retailer profile, contact us. 

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