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Your strategic price and trade promotion forecasting solution for UK Brands

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Unlock better, faster decisions with a tool designed specifically for strategic pricing scenarios.

Revenue Growth Planner has been designed to quickly answer questions your brand has on what price and promotional changes will do to sales and profitability.

Built atop a powerful machine learning model that has been used by retailers worldwide, our fully self-service tool powers more reliable forecasts while increasing the speed and ease of your workflows. Revenue Growth Planner is powered by the years of transactional data from the UK’s largest retailer, representing billions of shopper baskets.

From testing new price-pack architectures, to understanding the impact of changes on brand loyalty or validating the viability of new trading terms, Revenue Growth Planner delivers added confidence to the important decisions you face on price and promotional changes.

retail data

Deliver for Customers

Respond to shifting customer behaviours, anticipate reactions and maintain long-term customer loyalty


Grow your bottom line

Identify the right combination of pricing and promotions to grow profitability

System Integrators

More time efficient

Benefit from an intuitive user interface, with access to all products in a category – including competition

For UK-based Brands

Revenue Growth Planner gives you the ability to act decisively to understand, predict, and respond to shifting customer behaviours – even in these uncertain times.

  • A single, powerful model, able to handle cross effects and the simultaneous impacts of changes with no risk of double counting
  • AI-driven constantly learning demand algorithm
  • Endlessly create, save and compare different scenarios

dunnhumby’s Revenue Growth Planner is the specially developed tool to enhance your price and trade promotion forecasting capabilities for the UK market

Revenue Growth Planner brochure
Simulate changes

Predict the likely impact of changes to key product dimensions like base pricing and promotional mechanics to your retail volumes, sales and margin.

Accurate forecasts

Rely on accurate scenario forecasts, delivered quickly – benefit from the same demand forecasting model trusted by retailers worldwide.

Enhance your positions

Develop and enhance your negotiating positions, using forecasts to help determine cost price corridors, rebates and fees.

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