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Price & Promotions

Focus on value perception and effective promotions


What is it

Pricing & Promotions from dunnhumby helps you process, understand, model and act upon all the market drivers influencing the shopper’s behaviour. From strategy to execution, we can help you avoid the race to the bottom and deliver prices and promotions that are meaningful to your Customers. A retail solution that can achieve top-line sales growth of 1-4% and margin gains of 1-3%.

Model and forecast
promotional pricing
Define a multi-zone
and cross-channel
pricing architecture
Launch P&P
strategies with real
value for shoppers
Identify and mitigate
competitive pricing

What questions can it help you answer

How do I drive a strong price-value perception for my best Customers?  
How can I better manage weekly price changes, competitive prices and efficiently react to routine cost changes?         
Which competitors are most relevant to my Customers and how should this be reflected in my price & promotions strategy?

Key elements

dunnhumby Price & Promotions solutions leverage a modular framework of pricing and promotional tools and services driven by proven Customer Data Science and best practices.

1 Assess current price & promotion capability (strategy, governance, tool and processes) and develop multi-year plan to move up the maturity curve
2 Validate merchandise rules to institute logical shelf pricing that reflects consistent and clear pricing policies for your Customers
3 Establish strategic Customer-First roles of each category and execute optimised prices that drive growth, profitability and desired Customer response
4 Prioritise investment by analysing and documenting the most effective promotional strategy, price point and tactics by category
5 Accurately model, forecast, plan, deliver and measure every promotion, event, and campaign using an integrated promotions management solution

What results can you expect

Check out some of our client's main achievements:

"Optimising the first 10 categories with dunnhumby Price resulted in +4.1% increase in gross margin, 1.5% in sales and 0.9% increase in units."
 International grocer and wholesaler
"Using the dunnhumby Price tool, we now have the ability to model prices and promotions across Customer segments, to make sure we deliver a superior shopping experience."
 CIO of large U.S. grocer