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Blue Yonder Assortment Optimisation

Blue Yonder
Assortment Optimisation

Transform category assortment & space planning


Unlock crucial insights into shopper behaviours to deliver customer-centric merchandising plans. Leverage dunnhumby’s unique customer data science analytics with Blue Yonder’s leading space and category execution solutions.

Return on investment you can expect

Today’s customer-centric environment requires a solid category strategy combined with tailored assortments that address localisation, consumer preferences, loyalty, lifestyles and purchasing behaviour. Blue Yonder Assortment Optimisation – Powered by dunnhumby, enables intelligent assortments, offers and space plans.

profitability Improve efficiencies & assortment decisions
customer loyalty Increase
customer loyalty
Boost sales profitability Boost sales &
profitable growth

How it helps

A first-of-its kind assortment optimization tool driven by sales-and customer-based insights that helps retailers and their partners to deliver a personalised customer experience:

A repeatable assortment process that saves time and enables flexibility - prescriptive product rankings using substitution algorithms and customer metrics resulting in more efficient, space-aware assortments
In-depth category analysis - with flexible, easy-to-use visualization, tracking and reporting tools to better monitor category productivity and easily adjust shelf plans
Simplifies previously complex assortment selection process - easily analyse category and product performance and shopper data, generate customer decision trees and need states, and segment and select customer-centric assortments
Collaborate with trading partners for a successful category plan - share research and collaborate on winning strategies that address everyone’s category goals with objective analysis that leads to optimal master assortment lists

How it works

Create need states and customer decision trees

Create need States and customer decision tree's based on true customer behaviour.
Ensure coverage of all customer needs. Identify key attributes in customer decisions and show products which can be removed safely with transferred sales retained. Reflect key elements of the decision tree when merchandising in Space Planning making your fixtures easier to shop.

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Generate assortment recommendations

Driven by customer data science, generate assortment recommendations by store cluster and planogram size.
Ensure optimum coverage of need states using the best performing, and most important products for your customers, that fits in the space available.

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Recommendations visible in Space Planning

All assortment versions created flow seamlessly into Space Planning, along with key product attributes and metrics, making planogramming faster, more consistent and efficient.

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