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Price & Promotions

dunnhumby Price

Optimise prices & forecast outcomes with Customer Data Science


dunnhumby Price is a sophisticated, yet easy to use application, that gives retailers of all sizes the ability to strategically optimise prices and forecast outcomes, by leveraging Customer Data Science to inform the end-to-end price and promotions process.

Return on investment you can expect

dunnhumby Price recommends the optimal base prices for your shelves and Customers so that you can deliver the right price on the lines that matter most to your Customers, building their trust in your prices and ultimately improving your overall price perception.

Cash profits 1-2% increase
in cash profits
Increase in sales 1-2% increase
in cash sales
ROI x10 return
on investment

How it helps

dunnhumby Price is a powerful, user-friendly tool that leverages advanced science to optimise prices and forecast outcomes that drive results for any retailer, no matter what their size or pricing strategy.

Sophisticated and flexible rules engine that sets and relaxes rules as needed.
Delivers a consistent pricing architecture across line priced families, different pack sizes, and own label positioning.
Price products using proven science that moves beyond cost-plus pricing to consider elasticities, Customer reaction, product level relationships and cannibalisation, seasonality, and promotional effects when selecting an optimal price.
Understand forecasted commercial outcomes to a variety of strategic approaches and understand the most effective strategies.

How it works


Review current price position and sales forecast at the category, zone and product level. Identify changes based on the merchandising rules, recent competitive surveys and/ or cost changes.

Define and configure price change triggers

Analyse your pricing plans relative to their impact on competitive price index, price change perception, merchandising rule relaxation and Customer response by segment.

Provides recommended changes

Optimise prices to achieve your goals while respecting your merchandising rules. Create different pricing scenarios and review the trade-offs between competitive positioning, Customer reaction, and financial impacts.

review rule violations and financial forecasts
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