Our data science team

Our data science team seeks to answer business questions using client data. As a member of the team, your role is to understand what your client is asking, discover how best to address their challenges, and deliver the information back to them in a way that they can understand.

Whether you’re predicting how a new product will perform or discerning which promotions provide the best results, you’ll be using our existing solutions and coming up with new ways to solve issues every single day.

What does the data science team do?
Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Our data science team brings together a huge variety of roles, often combining different skillsets to produce the best work. Some will focus on coding, some delve deeper into working with the client, but everyone’s work is utilised in dunnhumby’s extensive bank of data and expertise.

Sometimes we see trends emerge, with several clients looking to get similar answers from their data. In these cases, you might be responsible for discovering a new way to solve the query, or thoroughly testing it for robustness, making regular improvements as markets change to ensure that it’s always appropriate.


Tools of the trade

It will help if you’re well versed in Python and Spark. We use both Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and benefit from the flexibility offered by a multi-platform strategy. We take full advantage of the additional space for innovation provided using multiple programming languages, and have access to a wide range of open source techniques for cutting-edge optimisation.

Put your theory into practice with some real-world datasets:

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Taking the right approach

Our data science team need to be good communicators. Working here means you’re constructively inquisitive, and you know how to get to the core of what somebody is asking you. A lot of your role is explaining your ideas, either to clients or colleagues, so the ability to articulate benefits and describe complex topics in simple terms is essential.

Data science can be a tough business, so maintaining an open approach will help you stay on track when challenges arise. You’ll love to try new things, you never give up, and you have a flexible attitude to solving problems. Our data scientists thrive when they’re collaborating. Everyone on the team works together, so you should be comfortable with giving and asking for support.

Developing your career

We’re proud to contribute to a wealth of data, knowledge, and expertise amassed at dunnhumby, and are constantly learning from each other. Of course, we offer full training, from formal courses to informal learning on the job, but you’ll probably learn the most from the global dunnhumby community.

While we’re always on the lookout for scientists from similar industries or those familiar with using Python to manipulate Customer data, we’re open minded to any bright team players with the ability to code, and an interest in data science.

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