Coop Norge

A deeper understanding of the customer enabled Coop Norge to move to digital coupons; increasing sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Coop Norge case study - customer data science and insights led to growth in sales

increase in app usage


of coupons redeemed are now generated through the app, and growing

Coop Norge is the country’s leading consumer co-operative retail business within grocery, general merchandise and DIY, established in 1906 and now with more than 1,200 stores. Parallel to the growth of their customer base are the growing expectations for seamless, relevant and personalised customer experiences.

To meet the demand for more and better mobile products and services, Coop Norge decided to develop a mobile app to transition to digital coupons and interact with customers through their preferred channel. This initiative also helped to reduce the costs associated with paper coupons circulation, providing greater flexibility to deliver competitive prices and personal offers.

Utilising digital channels to deliver relevant and personalised offers to customers are key priorities for Coop Norge. The introduction of a new easy-to-use app displaying offers based on redemption history and choice of channel resulted in higher redemption rates, increased loyalty and sales uplift.

Download the full case study and discover how Coop Norge:

  • Increased the reach and engagement with their customer-first rewards programme
  • Increased the use of coupons, resulting in sales uplift at Coop stores
  • Used customer data and insight to understand customers better, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Responded to customer preferences and reduced the cost and waste of paper coupon circulation
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