Webinar On-Demand | Customer First Assortment Strategies for Inflationary Times: U.S. Edition

dunnhumby's latest Consumer Pulse Survey found that U.S. shoppers perceive food inflation as two times higher than it actually is, and over 50% of shoppers claim their money doesn't go as far as it did a few months ago.

The reality of increasing food costs, combined with the extraordinary media exposure around these increments, have prompted a new reality where consumers are adopting new behaviors impacting how they shop.

Does your current assortment meet these changing consumer needs? Extraordinary inflationary times require an exceptional understanding of and focus on how Customer needs and buying habits are undergoing further change. Retailers must rethink how consumers consider inflation and create Customer First assortment strategies to satisfy Customers’ expectations. But how?

Join dunnhumby experts Jorge Romero, Category & Store Solutions Consulting Director and Grant Steadman, President of North America as they discuss:

  • How inflation is putting pressure on retailers to keep operational costs as low as possible and why some retailers’ assortment strategies are achieving growth rates 2x the competition
  • Why your assortment decisions do not have to create a dichotomy between meeting customers’ expectations or keeping low operational costs
  • Which strategies can help retailers ensure they offer the right variety that meets their customers’ needs, while balancing the investments required to do so

This webinar took place on Thursday 16 June 2022

Watch webinar recording

Watch webinar recording

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