Data Consultancy

Data Consultancy

Data Consultancy

Leverage real value from your data asset


What is it

Designed to help you unlock vital information about your business and, crucially, your customers. dunnhumby can help you to understand your customer data so that you know where to invest and how to deliver more of what your customers want. The Data Strategy Healthcheck is a specific framework to help you define and implement a robust data strategy. Bespoke consulting can also be delivered that can be tailored to your specific business goals.


The Data Strategy Healthcheck

How it can help you
Create universal customer identifiers and mapping rules to ensure a consistent and comprehensive view of your customers across brands, banners and companies
Streamline the number of technologies and third-party vendors used to access and clean data, reducing costs and increasing consistency of data for end users
Create an overall data strategy for your business, aligned cross-functionally and with detailed plans to implement
Implement a data governance framework to reduce risk but also increase the visibility of new data assets across the business
Identify "quick wins" and hygiene factors that can be fixed quickly to improve quality of data and gaps in coverage that can be creating issues for downstream reporting

Data strategy elements

Through a series of interviews, working sessions and analysis of sample data, dunnhumby will score your organisation against these five data strategy elements, providing recommendations for improvements and investment.

Data driven
customer data
Talent, teams &
ways of working

Key benefits

1 Implement quick wins immediately with little investment
2 Implement key frameworks to safeguard your data such as data governance and chief data officer roles
3 Uncover and fix errors that could be impacting business processes and CRM
4 Map your customer data against a model to identify gaps in understanding the ‘whole person’ and plan how to fill those gaps through data creation, acquisition or partnership