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Helping retailers and brands to connect with their audience at the right time with a message that resonates.


What is it

A unique combination of media, science and partnership capabilities to connect retailers and brands to customers as they shop by building tailored media plans powered by Customer Data Science. Suited for brands who want to increase customer engagement and build loyalty by planning and activating advertising more efficiently. Designed for retailers who aim to monetise their owned media more effectively and grow their business while always putting the Customer First.

For Retailers

Deliver more efficient & effective advertising
Increase the value of your owned media
Monetise your
first-party data
Grow sales
and profit

For Brands

Activate seamless, personalised campaigns with measurable results
Improve offline and online customer experiences
customer loyalty
Increase the value of media investment

What questions can it help you answer

What, where, and how are my customers buying? How do I build a media plan centered around my customer?
What my omnichannel strategy should be? How can I balance media investment across channels?
I'm a retailer, how can I increase the value of my owned media? I'm a marketer, how can I maximise the value of my media investment?

Key elements

Our approach to media services starts with our Customer Data Science. This means we can understand and relate to different customer experiences in order to activate campaigns that feel more relevant and personal.


Data-driven media planningMeasurable retail mediaBetter customer experience
Harness a unique approach to targeting, powered by the world’s first Customer Data Science PlatformUnderstand the real impact of campaigns by bringing together online and offline customer behaviour and salesCreate consistent experiences for customers by weaving brand stories between media channels
Build an optimal media plan for each unique audienceMeasure each campaign and compare against a control group for accountable and actionable resultsDesign relevant and memorable content, taking into consideration how customers interact with each different media and their unique mindsets and motivations
Optimise campaigns leveraging data for maximum effectBenchmark campaigns and use insights to inform future plansActivate campaigns that consistently deliver industry-leading compliance rates, so your customers will have the chance to see and engage with the whole story

What results can you expect

Actionable insights, measurable results and loyal customers. We have managed media campaigns for over 25 years – building trust with our customers by applying insight to activation.

Media Planning, Activation and Measurement Case Study

Our channels

We provide expertise across all media channels for retailers and brands. We have also invested in a host of new tools to help make those conversations easy, efficient and rewarding for everyone.

"dunnhumby's media expertise has helped us to develop collaborative partnerships with brands and create connected media packages that deliver long-term loyalty, generate revenue and improve like-for-like sales."
 Adrian LettsManaging Director - Online, Tesco
"We worked with dunnhumby to develop an innovative, informative, educational piece of marketing collateral. The team planned and executed the perfect platform to introduce our new recipe, which was a unique value proposition to the category. The results were great and we’re looking forward to working with them again."
 Audrey DaffeyHead of Category Development, Mars Ireland