“I understand the value of fresh perspectives and different thinking”

An Intern to Grad Journey - Navleen Kaur

Navleen Kaur

Tell us about life before dunnhumby

I went to sixth-form college in Hansworth, Birmingham; not the most affluent area and not the best school. It was challenging, yes, but also motivational. I love proving people wrong!

I chose Physics for my degree at Birmingham university because it was the toughest subject I could take on. Plus, only 20 out of 200 students on my course were women – and only two from a diverse background. I understand the value of fresh perspectives and different thinking. In fact, that was a big driver for venturing out and taking on the internship at dunnhumby.

Has your internship at dunnhumby been different from what you anticipated?

I was told before I started that dunnhumby celebrates and supports individuality rather than leaving you isolated. But I had no idea I’d quickly be made to feel an integral part of the team: joining SCRUM meetings every morning and having not just one mentor, but many.

Working with the Development team, I learnt about debugging, which was both hugely enjoyable and a massive learning curve. Picking up three new coding languages in three months was beyond even my wildest expectations!

What are the three things you want from a great internship?

Mutual respect, fresh challenges, real responsibility. Yes, even from an internship!

What one thing stands out about your time at dunnhumby?

You can ask anyone anything at any time. Even senior leaders. And there’s no such thing as a silly question. That level of openness and trust was a revelation to me.

What was the deciding factor for joining the Graduate Programme?

Denise Day, CIO of dunnhumby, is – in the words of this proud Brummie – a legend! Her encouragement was invaluable, and she’s cemented my intention of coming back once I finished my degree. Since I have started on the Graduate Programme dunnhumby has not only met, but exceeded my expectations!